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Two 3D-technology centers to open in Barcelona in 2018

3D-technology centers

This space is projected to be dedicated exclusively to the development of new technologies in the sector of 3D-printing and laser devices.

Since the moment of its inauguration four years ago, the city chain of fab labs has continued to expand. The new center for 3D-technologies is expected to be nestled within an industrial ship that was manufactured in 1910, is 474 square meters large, and lies on 8 Perill Street. This ship has not been in use for so long that it has since transformed into a space for graffiti and an impromptu children’s playground. “On the lower level of the ship with wooden cabins, the plan is to conduct training and master classes. Moreover, we’d like to create special spaces for co-working there,” adds Eduard Balserbe, a representative from the production colleges of Barcelona. The city authorities have announced a competition to finance the project with a budget of almost 1 million euros.

Another brand’s new project also awaits construction in the Nou Barris neighborhood of Barcelona. In the beginning of 2018, the company plans to open a new fab lab that would be the second in the area. The new technologies center will be inaugurated in the local technological park of Guineueta, the old Cibernàrium. It occupies an area of 10,000 square meters, and the project will unite 50 companies in this sector.


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