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Biciclot, “paradise for bicycles,” opens in a new location


The official opening will take place on Sunday, November 26th. For several days now, the establishment has been hosting a training course on bicycle repair methods. “We’ve turned our previous page, which lasted for 30 years. Now we are ready to open a new era,” says one of the founders of Biciclot, Perá Serrasolses.

What does the new Biciclot center look like? On the ground floor of the recently renovated Can Picó stands a reception desk, a shop, and a repair workshop. On the upper floor, there are spaces for studying, an administrative area, and a conference hall. The next step includes the refurbishment of an adjacent building that the founders of Biciclot plan to connect with the main center via a lobby. The plans for the restoration of the second building include the creation of an auditorium with a seating capacity of 500 people, where various events will be organized. Moreover, a “bicycle observatory” will be installed so that everyone may access whatever bicycle-related information they wish.

One of the most interesting zones will appear on the upper level: this will be called Bicihub, a co-working site for organizations and individuals whose activities and hobbies are related to bicycles. The construction activities on both buildings are expected to be completed by summer.


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