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11 new bike routes will appear in Barcelona in September

bike routes in Barcelona

In particular, new bike routes will pass by the following streets: Josep Carner, Ganduxer, Doctor Fleming, Pau Casals Avenue, Esteve Terrades, Río de Janeiro, Degà Bahí, and Sant Antoni Maria Claret. Additionally, the construction of the bike route that will connect Barcelona with the municipality of Esplugues de Llobregat is expected to conclude this summer.

Also, the city plans to refurbish already existent bike paths that currently function as two-way routes. After the upgrade, each of these paths will be open for one-way traffic only. Opposite routes will be established on adjacent streets. These changes will affect the following streets: París-Londres, Sant Antoni Maria Claret-Indústria, and Marina-Sardenya. It goes without saying that this decision was made with the purpose of improving the level of safety for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The lowering of the level of the bike paths from that of the pedestrian walkways to the level of the roadway—as on the bike paths along Paseo de Sant Joan, Paseo de Pujades, and the junction between La Diagonal and Campus Besòs—will be another innovation within the framework of the initiative described above.


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