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Barcelona is becoming a hub for transatlantic, low-cost flights

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This March began with exciting news for travelers: the national Spanish airline company Iberia announced the launch of the first transatlantic flights of its subsidiary transporter, Level, from Barcelona to Los Angeles (U.S.A.), Oakland (U.S.A.), and Buenos Aires (Argentina). The starting price is 199 euros for a two-way (round trip) ticket for the United States and 229 euros for Argentina, which are, on average, three times cheaper than the cost of flights through Iberia. On March 27th, Norwegian, the Scandinavian low-cost airline that already operates flights to the United States and Puerto Rico from London and Oslo, announced its plans to join this “transatlantic race.”

Starting June 5, the capital of Catalonia will be connected with New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles by means of flights operated by Norwegian. Beginning August 22, direct flights to Miami will be available as well. Within a year, the airline is planning to provide flights from Barcelona to the United States of America for 255,000 passengers. In addition, this Norwegian carrier is considering Latin America as a potential destination for the continued expansion of its flight routes.

It should be noted that the tickets offered by Level and Norwegian include only hand luggage (up to 8 kg) in the airplane cabin. Additional fees will be charged for extra services, including meals served on board and transportation of checked luggage.


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