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Catalonia has developed a city plan for the promotion of classical music

классическая музыка в Каталонии

With this intent, the municipal government has established the plans for a special project called, ‘General Plan for Classical Music.’ The project’s framework calls for the establishment of cooperation both with the political structures and the population of the Valles district as well as with renowned Spanish musicians. Among the numerous,famous musical figures and groupsinvolved are Antoni Ros-Marba (conductor), Jordi Saval (conductor and musician), and the National Orchestra of Catalonia,Jove Orquestra Nacional de Catalunya. The government also plans to broaden the possibilities for musical education, making classical music more accessible to the general public and encouraging public interest in music through educational opportunities as well.

The promotional bureau at the music school will regulate the fulfillment of these tasks. This is the first project of such a kind in Catalonia. The Administrative Plan for Classical Music Integration has served as an impulse for the development of the aforementioned initiatives as well.


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