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The number of homeless people in Barcelona exceeds one thousand

проблема бездомных в Барселоне

According to the research information obtained by the volunteer organization,Red de Atención a Personas Sin Hogar, about1,026 peoplecurrently live on the streets of Barcelona. This figure is 9% higher than that of the last year and 56% higher than in the year 2008. Laia Ortiz, the Minister of Social Rights, announced the results of this investigation during her latest press conference.

On the other hand, the number of people who have received municipal housing or accommodations provided by aid organizations has increased by 2.5% in comparison with last year and has grown by 68% since the year 2008. At the same time, 415 peoplenow live in the slums, a total number that has increased by 8.4% within the year.

Sra. Ortiz maintains that this data is “not good news.”Hence, the Minister has suggested the establishment of a fixed maximal fee for housing rent. This should encourage rental companies to rent housing to potential tenants who currently lack a definite place of residence withoutincurring significant losses to the companies.


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