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By 2020, 13,000 more housing units for rent will be available in Barcelona

By 2020, 13,000 more housing units for rent will be available in Barcelona

Josep Maria Montaner, the mayor’s office representative and a specialist in architecture, detailed these plans in his report dedicated to the development and purchase of housing in Barcelona. Mr. Montaner emphasized that the municipal plan for housing construction with the purpose of subsequent rental is a real innovation for the city. Due to certain changes in the legislative base, the implementation of this housing plan has been delayed for almost four years. Finally, all of the obstacles are in the past. The official assures us that by the end of the mandate, 4,500 housing units will be ready or nearly ready for rental.

According to the Municipal Housing and Reconstruction Institute (IMHAB), the housing fund has doubled in the last 2-3 years in comparison with the construction data on the funding and housing built over the last 80 years. This new housing plan and construction process have required investments in the amount of 580 million euros, with 95% of these derived from the city treasury and the other 5% from E.U. financial assistance.

Out of 66 planned construction sites, the work is already finished on 8 buildings, for a total of 557 housing units. 16 buildings are still in the process of construction and will introduce 665 more housing units when completed.


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