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Laboratory of innovative ideas opens in Barcelona

Avenida Futuro

The objective of Avenida Futuro is to unite the leading companies around the aim of studying the future of Barcelona and the potential for its development. The first four initiatives developed within the framework of Avenida Futuro have been presented to the residents of the Catalonian capital already.

4BCN is a project that allows the citizens to put forward their ideas for the development of various city sectors, including education, healthcare, transportation, technologies, and culture, and to obtain the support provided by relevant institutions and organizations for implementing improvements.

The BCN Pulse project has been designed especially for young entrepreneurs to provide them with a chance to connect with the acknowledged experts in their fields and thereby acquire valuable experience and recommendations.

The third initiative deals with the transportation and mobility sector. The BCN Mobility Social Network platform is a social network whose operation is based on communication among employees in the transportation and mobility sectors. Every resident will be able to select a service from the catalogue that they wish to make required as well as leave feedback. This project has been nicknamed, “Plan Cerdà 4.0.”

The fourth project of Avenida Futuro has been organized by the groups Thinking Lab and Creative Lab and is called, “Barcelona: The Place To Create.” Its mission is to help anyone who is interested learn more about the creative opportunities the city offers.


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