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Last telephone booth in Barcelona to be preserved

telephone booth in barcelona

The last telephone booth to survive in Barcelona lies on Sant Genís dels Agudells (in Horta-Guinardó), on 2 Lledoner street, #8595A. Although the phone is still in operation, there is no longer a door to the booth entrance. As our sources report, the telephone there will continue to operate until the end of this year, when the booth will be renovated and given a new use. These changes are made possible thanks to Barcelona resident Anna Farre, who initiated a petition and collected over 200 signatures.

Because of the immense interest in the booth expressed by local residents, the district administrators, in conjunction with Centre Cívic Casa Groga, have presented a referendum dedicated to the destiny of this telephone booth. The residents will have three options from which to choose: a Wi-Fi zone, a civic education direct line, or a book exchange point. Alternatively, the city is open to proposals from residents. “We have made up our minds to preserve this telephone booth and turn it into a monument of historical and urban heritage in the district and the city itself,” the authorities state. Meanwhile, residents continue to submit creative and unusual variants, including the refurbishment of the booth in a comic style to mirror the Superman movie or to resemble the booth in the movie La Cabina, in which Jose Lopez Vasquez stars as the protagonist.


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