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New sports and cultural events at the Olympic park of Barcelona

Olympic park of Barcelona

Despite the closure of the theme park, Open Camp, due to financial issues, Montjuïc will continue to be home to the site of the Olympic Games. Moreover, this zone will be expanded: plans are underway to open a stadium called Estadi Lluís Company, and local sports festivals will become an indispensable event at this location.

The new municipal initiative has earned the motto, “Vine a córrer a l'Estadi” (“Come and run at the Stadium”) and has been developed especially for running enthusiasts, athletes in general, and families. The project mission is to make this space more democratic. The stadium also will serve as a training place for the participants of all the key competitions of Barcelona - Mercè, Cursa dels Nassos, Mitja Marató, and Marató.

Starting in the spring of next year, plans are in the works to inaugurate open-air fitness sessions here as well. In addition to traditional, large-scale concerts, this platform will host movie screenings and cultural events for kids. For example, the educational project “Visions Steam Anella” will present information about science, technology, mathematics, and the arts to over 2,000 students.


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