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Pablo Alborán to release a new album in September

пабло альборан

The fourth studio album by Pablo Alborán will go on sale September 8th. According to the musician’s own account and various social networks, the public will be able to listen to assorted songs from the new disc as early as September. According to information leaked by Los 40, the famous Spanish-speaking radio program, one of the new tracks will tell the story of a planet in the solar system… As for the musical style of the album, Alborán has promised some electronic music mixed with the traditional sound of his compositions. The disc will be released by the record label Warner.

Terral, Pablo’s previous album, was released three years ago, and its mass success was reinforced by the musician’s remarkable tour. The DVD, “Tour Terral. Tres noches en las Ventas,” immortalized unique moments in his concerts and received three nominations for the Grammy Latino. Shortly afterward, at the end of 2015, the musician announced his intention to take a break from his professional career. Today, Alborán’s fans have a reason to celebrate – Pablo’s creative break is reaching its end.


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