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Project of personalized social aid for elderly residents of Barcelona to be expanded

proyecto radares

Many elderly people suffer from loneliness and isolation, and many do not have the chance to lead a full social life. Proyecto Radares is meant to prevent these kinds of problems, as well as to render help where needed. In order to receive personalized assistance provided by program volunteers, it is enough for an elderly person to call or send a message by e-mail.

Accordingly, every district that joins the project’s initiative reserves special phone numbers the elderly may call to be connected. “Loneliness has a negative impact on self-esteem. These calls literally changed my life,” says Maria Angels Chavarria, a 76-year-old participant of the project, as she shares her experience. Two years ago, Chavarria broke her shoulder and felt completely abandoned. Thanks to this project, she now has an opportunity to take an advantage of the personalized aid by phone, and volunteers also visit her on a regular basis.

Statistics demonstrate that in Barcelona every third person over 75 years of age lives alone and does not always maintain speaking relationships, even with neighbors. According to Nuria Toran, “In the old days, all the neighbors knew each other. If, for several days the neighbors didn’t see a certain person, they would go and check whether everything was alright and if he or she needed help. The goal of the project is to make our life more humane, so that it is filled with care, genuine communication, and joy.” Thirty project participants live in Can Baro, the district where Nuria works. Four volunteers assist and take care of these people, placing great emphasis on establishing personal connections with those under their care.

One can join this project as a volunteer by sending a letter to the following e-mail: radarsgentgran@bcn.cat.


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