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Plan to control insects in Barcelona

борьба с насекомыми в Барселоне

Aedes albopictus originates from the regions of South-East Asia, although the species is now common in the Mediterranean area as well. Authorities of Santa Coloma Gramenet have initiated a campaign aimed at controlling the population of this insect in the park adjacent to the Besos river. During the hottest of the summer months the specialists will take samples from various zones of the river and park. In case the number of these insect larvae exceeds the level the municipalities have deemed acceptable, larvae will be eliminated by means of a biological substance that is regarded as harmless for the environment and other types of living organisms.

This campaign will be carried out in collaboration with the government of Barcelona, since Besos river park is one of the most popular recreational destinations in the open air for those who live in this area.

In addition to mosquito control, during the hot summer months, numerous programs will be organized against other neighbors on the streets of Barcelona, particularly cockroaches and rats, the numbers of which also increase during the hot season. With this purpose, the authorities of Santa Coloma Gramenet will reinforce their street cleanings and will conduct widespread disinfections of garbage containers. These measures are meant to cover all public places, streets, squares, and parks.


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