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Plaza Real in Barcelona awaits reconstruction

Plaça Reial

The Barcelona mayor’s office has announced a competition based on improvement projects for Plaza Real. The square should receive renovations to its terrain, which already demonstrates visible damage, especially in the intersection of the bicycle lanes with La Rambla and along the perimeter of the square. Moreover, the city plans to reorganize the vehicular traffic in this area. The purpose of this work is to increase and improve the square’s accessibility. To this end, lampposts will be replaced and their number increased, and the locations of the banks, bicycle parking lots, and other structures intended for community use will be altered. Despite the fact that Plaza Real occupies an area of 7,397,25 square meters, only one third of its territory will be renovated: that is, 2,129,12 square meters. Municipal services (water, gas, and electricity supplies) in this zone are not included in the reconstruction plan.

Additionally, this project presupposes the reconstruction of the space adjacent to the square. This feature of the plan will be important for the successful organization of fairs and other events in this area in the future.

The Plaza Real reconstruction works are projected to last for two months and are estimated to reach their completion by the end of this year. The funds allocated for Plaza Real’s renovation will constitute almost 204,000 euros. All the reforms will be financed by the city’s tourism-generated income.


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