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According to the latest polls, tourists, unemployment, and street traffic are the main issues that worry Barcelona’s local residents

tourism in Barcelona

Unemployment and working conditions (at 8.6 %) and the city traffic and traffic jams (at 7.3 %) hold the second and the third positions respectively. The affordability of housing placed fourth on the list of Barcelona’s biggest issues, according to residents (at 6.7 %). This placement seems quite logical following the latest boom in the demand for rental housing in Barcelona.

In addition to exposing the residents’ worries, the survey revealed the attitude of the city’s locals towards the mayor’s office. The residents ranked the work of Ada Colau’s government at 6.4 points out of 10. This result is considered to be one of the highest in the city’s history. Only 12.8 % of those interviewed rated the activities of the mayor’s office in a highly negative manner. 43.4 % of the participants polled welcome the measures taken by the city authorities in the economic sphere, while 17.4 % viewed these activities as “normal” and 25.7 % as “bad” or “very bad.”

As for problems in general, the main worry concerning autonomy is the relationship between Catalonia and Spain (according to 24.1 % of those polled).


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