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CaixaForum to host Andy Warhol exhibition

warhol exhibition

The vast exposition includes drawings, sculptures, paintings, silkscreens, and audio-visual materials. What is more, exhibition visitors will be able to view Warhol and his renowned creations from an entirely new angle not directly related to his visual art. In support of this vantage point, the exhibit will provide such curious artifacts as movies, books, disc covers, posters, magazines, personal belongings, photos, and audio recordings. These items are intended to re-create the universe of the world-famous pop-artist in CaixaForum and have been provided by The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Pompidou Center in Paris, and the Tate Gallery of London.

“Who wouldn’t like to be drawn by this great artist?” Elisa Duran, the General Director of La Caixa Fund, exclaims. “People all over the world dream of having such a masterpiece in their apartments.”

At the exhibit, Warhol’s devotees will have a unique chance to purchase souvenirs as well. “Warhol. El arte mecánico” has been organized in collaboration with the Picasso Museum in Malaga.


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