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How to spend bachelor party in Barcelona

bachelor party barcelona

What better place is there to plan an entertainment program for young men than the city famous for its love of sports, art, and active leisure time? In short, there are plenty of options for a bachelor party in Barcelona. If your friends are bored in expensive restaurants, it could be much more fun to organize a sport’s event outdoors. If the guys are not big fans of house parties, a good alternative is to spend time in one of the best clubs in the city in the company of your favorite bands.


Renting an apartment is a classic option that might even seem boring for a group of young guys. However, this option is perfect for lovers of home parties and those merry fellows who prefer a hassle-fee start before plunging into the city’s vibrant night life. You can find bachelor party accommodations in Barcelona from more than just Airbnb; in fact, there are better and far more interesting options.

For example, the hotel Majestic features the unique offer of duplexes and apartments in Gràcia and Eixample with all the amenities and hotel services available, from catering to waiters’ services and sound equipment rentals. You are free to organize a party of any size and theme here without worrying about disturbing the neighbors (a rather important detail when it comes to renting a residential space in Barcelona). Also, you can always contact renttopapartments.com and find the best option in the area of the city that interests you most. The database for this resource features not only luxurious apartments with beach views or vistas over Montjuïc, but it also offers the best penthouses in the city center and coastal area.

Clubs and bars for any taste

night clubs barcelona

Barcelona boasts a great number of establishments for any taste; however, at some locations it is not the best option simply to stop by with your party unannounced. A well-planned, more organized agenda that includes the hottest city sites tends to work better for a stag party. Additionally, it is well worth considering one of the popular tours led by Beerbike. The idea is to embark on your exciting journey as early as the morning and finish the tour in a tapas restaurant in the evening. The restaurant is prepared for your group of friends to arrive by bike and enjoy the lavish dinner that is reserved in advance.

Due to the abundance of offers, the choice of restaurant in Barcelona is not always easy. However, thematic establishments, such as Enigmatum or La Isla, are great for any bachelor party. In addition to countless dinner options, these incredible places will offer you an original show and entertainment for the duration of the night. While magic and intricate tricks reign in Enigmatum, La Isla presents a modern cabaret program, including stand-up and contemporary dance.

On the other hand, El Castillo restaurant provides every opportunity to petrify you and your friends for the rest of your married life with its horror-style shows. A horror night among zombies, vampires, and witches is a far more entertaining option than a trivial striptease! The city’s major clubs, including Apolo or City Hall, post their party and concert programs on their websites. By reserving tickets at these places in advance, you will be able to host your stag party along with a concert given by your favorite band or plan your party to include dancing to your preferred DJ’s tunes.

There is still another choice: you could enjoy your party in a limousine. Many rental companies provide limousines of all classes. Choosing this option ensures that you will drive around the city in a comfortable car with a bar and snacks, stopping wherever you wish.


paintball barcelona

What better option for a stag party in Barcelona than an event related to sports? After all, who says that a bachelor party and sports are incompatible? A stag party that in invigorating and follows healthy lifestyle choices is one of the most popular entertainment options. Barcelona offers plenty of possibilities, from a paintball session to a crazy football game inside big bubbles in Burbuja – an incredible new game sure to impress all those who love to be active in their leisure time. You also can consider a bicycle excursion and head to the outskirts of Barcelona or climb Montjuïc. Another possibility is to take advantage of the services of “Humor Amarillo,” a company that organizes events similar to those of “Fun Starts” (“Vesyelie Starty”), which include the activities we know and love from our childhood. Running across jets of water over soft rotating reels, dashing through water obstacles, and overcoming rope bridges offers elements of adventure to match the joyous mood of the bachelor party perfectly.

Moreover, there is yet another way to make your party unforgettable: you can choose to participate in competitive races. Alternatively, you might like one of the city’s extreme parks, where you can organize a day of extreme sports competitions, including bungee jumping and zipline travels among the trees. Many companies offer an activity called “Tarzan’s Adventures,” in which a park filled with a variety of rope paths acts as the protagonist of your story. If you love speedy driving, you can pick up a quadrotor travel option. Laser Combat, a game that functions as an imitation of war activities with real tanks, helicopters, and field hospitals, is among the most popular entertainments for male groups. This role-playing game is situated close to the city and is sure to remain in the memories of the participants for a long time afterwards.

The beach

beaches in barcelona

The beaches of Barcelona are famous for their high-quality standards. A wide range of coastal entertainment options and bars will find their way quickly to the hearts of even the most selective tourists. Since a stag party is such a special event, it is fitting to host the party on board a yacht and travel onto the high seas, where no one will bother you and your friends, and where you will be able to enjoy all of the maritime landscapes. You can find yachts of all types in the Olympic Port, but it is highly recommended that you contact the agencies that specialize in sea parties, such as www.tudespedida.com.

Arte Bar

Doubtless, the offer to host your bachelor party as a painting class might sound dull or unusual, but only to those who have never attended Arte Bar studio in Barcelona. This magical place is prepared to offer you a truly unique experience. This space does not establish any limits on creativity and self-expression. Furthermore, you can rent a gallery for the night and choose any topic for your painting class. In this way, drawing a nude model among a circle of friends with a glass of Spanish wine and traditional tapas might be immortalized as one of the brightest episodes of your visit to Barcelona.

“INEEDSpain” company is always ready to provide you with assistance in organizing special events and holidays. We will assist you in selecting the best leisure options for you that match your criteria ideally.


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