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Ideas for a holiday in Barcelona with children

in barcelona with children

Barcelona means more than cafes, bars, trendy shops, world-famous landmarks, and restaurants scattered along the medieval streets; it is also a place of endless possibilities for spending time with your children in interesting ways.

Run, jump, and climb

Your children can burn off some energy while having fun in the open air. When the weather is hot, go to Jardins de Joan Brossa, located in Montjuïc. The gardens are built on the site of a former amusement park.

Creueta del Coll is another green site that attracts visitors with its chilly aquatic space and children’s games. It is known as an oasis in the city - a beach where you will never encounter big waves.

Dads are likely to appreciate Barcelona Bosc Urbà, and moms may well want to escape for shopping or an express manicure at Diagonal Mar. There is also a “rope town” located in the Forum area. Here, you can choose from several routes, depending on your age and level of physical preparation. The cost is 11- 24 euros, and it is best to buy tickets online on the park website.

If the weather conditions are not in your favor, or if you prefer to hide from the scorching heat, there is always the option of letting your child spend a few exciting hours in enclosed play centers such as Happy Parc or Peek a Boo. These centers have everything you need for a great time with the whole family or to let your child have fun while you run some errands. No doubt, you will also sense the atmosphere of childhood and joy buzzing through the air. Your children can take advantage of climbing ladders, slides, balls, various games, and entertaining tasks.

Another foolproof idea for an adventurous and educational family weekend is to go to the country, to the park Catalunya en Miniatura (Can Balasch de Baix, s/n, 08629 Torrelles de Llobregat), where you can see all of Barcelona’s landmarks in miniature. Only an hour and a half away from the city by car, both adults and children are sure to enjoy these unforgettable creations.

Having fun outdoors in the country while communicating with animals might become possible when you visit the family farm, Granja d'Aventura Park, in Viladecavalls. The atmosphere in the park will make you feel at home. Here, a small child can also learn how fruits and vegetables grow in real gardens.

More amusing locations in Barcelona for children

Barcelona for children

In spite of some popular beliefs, museum spaces can also be of interest to young children. For instance, the museum of ideas and inventions, MIBA (Museu d'idees i invents de Barcelonа), offers its small guests and adults the opportunity to peep into the future. Inventions of different kinds – useful, interesting, or simply funny and curious – demonstrate the near limitlessness of the imagination. In order to visit the museum, it is best to send a visit request online.

To discover more exhibitions children might like, Museu Blau, the Natural Sciences museum, is worth a visit. After exploring the nine thousand square meters of the science center, your child can acquire a more comprehensive understanding of our planet, its evolution, and the striking diversity of its life forms. To a similar effect, families should visit Cosmocaix, the museum of the educational sciences, to learn many curious facts about the world around us.

After feeding your mind with scientific facts, you might feel your soul craving a sweet treat as well. Don’t deprive yourself of such a pleasure of stopping by the museum of chocolate, Museu de la Xocolata (Сalle de Comerç, 36).

Don’t forget that Barcelona also has dozens of public libraries for children, where you can stop and read and rest, in between enjoying your long walk around the city. Here, the librarians will often recommend an interesting, new book and even offer you tea (for instance, in Libreria Casa Anita or Luz de Lula).

Creative Fun for Kids

Creative Fun for Kids

One can learn new skills and have a great time in L'obrador del Burot, a ceramics and plastic materials workshop. Here, children are asked to complete their own creative projects under the guidance of the professional ceramists.

The masters of Nyamnyam association (Associació cultural nyamnyam) will teach your children to bake bread and make jams and preserves. The kids learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere through play and entertaining games, making their first culinary steps into the world of professional dishes memorable ones. The participation fee is 15 euros. You can find the schedule of classes on the association’s website: www.nyamnyam.net.

If you child doesn’t show any interest in culinary arts, but demonstrates a fascination with painting, you should visit La capsa de colors (Calle de Pare Laínez, 15). At La capsa de colors, artists will teach your child to work with clay or create interesting toys made of improvised materials, such as a house made of boxes, chairs, or blankets.

Another place for those in their early years who are interested in the fine arts is Plom Gallery, the gallery of “kind art” that displays fantastic pictures and illustrations of many children’s books (Calle de Séneca, 31).

La Puntual (Сalle de Allada Vermell, 15) gathers young viewers for performances of the Theater of Puppets and the Theater of Shadows. For the schedule of shows and the start dates for courses, visit the theatre website.

More sweet treats!

sweets for kids in Barcelona

After the intense activities in the world of arts, your child may need some small snack. Memorize this address: Calle de Pau Claris, 90, where you will find Pudding, the most popular café for kids in Barcelona. It is a real wonderland sweetened by a wonderful bakery and delicious coffee.

What else could make your child very happy, if not ice-cream? – An ice-cream monster with eyes! In Heladería Eyescream and friends, located in Barceloneta, your small sweet tooth will be able to create his or her own yummy monster. First, your child gets to choose the flavor and topping. Then your child will witness this miracle: the ice cream with the selected flavor will be placed in a special shape in the cup. As a finishing touch, the Eyescream worker adds sugar eyes to the prepared monster. Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 30.

Finally, the following advice may be useful to parents: on the first Sunday of every month from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m., the toy flea market takes place in Plaça de l’Assemblea de Catalunya, although the event is also called Plaza Masadas (this name was preserved to commemorate the previous location of the event). Here, one can find amazing tiny playthings, including toys and models of ancient epochs, collectable dolls and figures, and children’s toys, each and every one with a unique history.

For a trendy haircut, you can take your child to Pepe Peluquitas (Calle de Bisbe Sivilla, 43). Your child will not be fussy because the local stylists know how to approach their small clients. The playful atmosphere, a favorite cartoon, and a funny conversation is sure to distract a young child while the hairdresser works on his or her exclusive hairstyle.


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