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Brunch in Barcelona

brunch in Barcelona

In Spain, conversation is the indispensable part of the brunch ritual. For this reason, it is not common to eat brunch alone, although it seems as if this rule is valid for all meals in Spain. Accordingly, in restaurants like Federal café patrons are not permitted to bring notebooks on the weekends. In Oma Bistró, Wi-Fi access is granted for 30 minutes only.

Flax & Kale

Flax & Kale

If you are searching for a really trendy place, Flax & Kale may be the best choice for you. Lately, the restaurant has gained a reputation as the best brunch spot in Barcelona. It is best to reserve a table in advance; otherwise, you are sure to wait. In either case, this place will be worth the effort when you enjoy any number of dining selections, such as the beneficial acai bowl with nuts and fresh berries, red mini burgers with salmon, fruit parfait with coconut milk, and a never-ending selection of smoothies, detox cocktails, and juices, from beetroot juice to green variations. 80% of Flax & Kale dishes are vegetarian.

You can find more information on the menu, prices, and table reservations by visiting teresacarles.com/fk

Oma Bistró

Oma Bistró has managed to conquer Barcelona in only a matter of months. The majority of the city’s gastronomic guides describe this place as a hipster realm. Oma’s interior is simple and features high ceilings, wooden furniture, antique bicycles, and columns made of stone brought from the old Montjuïc quarry. This café enjoys abundant natural light from its expansive show-windows. Mingled with all the aesthetic splendor, one can sense the culinary inspiration in the air. Once you enter, your senses are inundated by tempting flavors and the scents of freshly baked desserts. The eggs benedict come highly recommended here, as does the coffee, which has acquired fame as some of the best in Barcelona. Moreover, Oma invites its guests to try 6 types of beer from local craft breweries.

For more details go to www.facebook.com/OMABarcelonabistro

Brunchelona, Brunch & Cake

brunch & cake

This popular network of brunch spots keeps expanding. Currently, there are five in Barcelona (for more information go to www.cupcakesbarcelona.com). The Brunchelona spot located on the second floor of L’Illa trading center is one of the most recently opened locations and is a great option if you plan to combine brunch with meeting your friends and shopping.

Since the greatest portion of L’Illa’s shoppers are locals who live in the prestigious Sarrià, Sant Gervasi, and Pedralbes neighborhoods, this brunch establishment is lucky enough to avoid tourist crowds. However, you might already be accustomed to the fact that most other brunch spots in the Brunchelona network are generally crowded, especially on the weekends.

Brunch & Cake and Cup & Cake have an option that is unavailable at Brunchelona. At these locations, one can enjoy brunch on an improvised terrace or outdoor tables, an especially pleasant option in spring or summer.



One of the obvious advantages of Cosmo is its exclusive location on Enric Granados, the pedestrian street that is famous for its countless terraces and a special environment of endless holiday. Brunch & Cake, mentioned earlier, also is located in this area. Cosmo is a very democratic, modern establishment with a young spirit, regardless of age. People of different ages and occupations can be found here: students from the University of Barcelona located nearby, mothers with strollers, and couples with dogs.

Cosmo characterizes itself as both a child-friendly and dog-friendly establishment (something not frequently found in Barcelona). Here, too, novice artists display their works. For this very reason, Cosmo is often called a “café gallery.” The food is great here as well, with a cheesecake to be as good (although not as fancy) as that found at Flax & Kale.

For more details go to: galeriacosmo.com



Ari, Israeli by origin and the owner of Ugot, fell in love with the idea of a brunch and decided that her clients should not languish in anticipation of a feast that is generally available only once a week. Opened only six months ago, Ugot invites its guests for brunch any day except Monday, from 9:00 to 16:30. The interior of this place is not a stylization—all furniture pieces are vintage, with tableware, lamps, and photos taken from a private collection. It should be mentioned that the owner of this establishment, together with Gerardo, the chef from Argentina, created a special menu that includes the owner’s special dish, Israeli shakshuka: eggs prepared in a tomato and herb sauce. Brioches are another delight that conjure memories of home for Ari. Mom’s secret recipe was given to the chefs of her restaurant, so even French toasts here taste a unique but in a homey way.


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