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Business visa to Spain

business visa to Spain

The Spanish business visa is a type С Schengen visa (like the short-term tourist visa) issued when the main purposes of the visit to the foreign country are negotiations, conference attendance, agreement signings, and other types of business activities.

The primary distinctive feature of the business visa to Spain, when compared to the tourist visa, is the requirement to present an official invitation from a business partner. As a rule, in the Spanish business visa application form, one must indicate the required number of entries to the country or its territories and the duration of stay. Normally, the consulate tends to issue this visa for a period that exceeds the indicated time, but does not surpass the 90-day time frame.

Spanish business visa application deadlines

Spanish business visa application deadlines

On average, the business visa for Spain is issued within 6-7 working days, provided that all necessary documents are submitted. If one needs to receive the entrance permit more rapidly, it is possible to apply for the urgent Spanish visa. In this case, no additional documents are needed, although one must then pay an urgency fee (that might constitute 600-1200 €). If one needs the Spanish business visa within one day, documents confirming the urgency of the issue are also required.

Requirements for the business visa to Spain

In addition to the official invitation from the Spanish business party (written on the company’s official letterhead with all required signatures), and according to the Spanish business visa requirements, one must submit the following items:

  • Two color photos (not more than half a year old)
  • The completed Spanish business visa application form, in which one provides personal information, trip details, information about family members, and financial security information
  • Both valid and cancelled international passports and photocopies of the same (all pages)
  • Medical insurance policy for the period of travel (with a coverage of at least 30,000 euros)
  • Accommodation confirmation in Spain (hotel bookings or hostel reservations for the period of stay), as well as airplane ticket reservations or the tickets for other types of transport at both ends
  • Confirmation of financial security for the trip: proof of employment (with a salary of 25,000 euros minimum) or/and account statements.
  • Confirmation of the consulate fee payment.

Nuances of the Spanish business visa application

Spanish business visa application

To begin with, one should distinguish between the employment (work) visa and business visa to Spain. While the first type of visa grants permission for temporary residence and work inside the country and requires the preparation of different documents, the entry permit for the second type is included in the category of short-term visas.

Another important detail is the method of applying for the visa. It is possible to acquire the Spanish business visa on one’s own through the consulate, without any professional help. One can also contact the visa center to simplify the task and to reduce the processing time.

During the business visa application process, the consulate workers may ask for additional information concerning any of the questions on the application form or for an extra document related to the visa application, if they deem it pertinent.

Often, when preparing the documents for the business visa to Spain, one needs the assistance of an experienced specialist. INEEDSpain service center renders all services, ranging from consultations to necessary document preparation help. We will do everything to enable you to obtain the business visa to Spain quickly and comfortably.


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