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Buying a business in Spain

buy a business in Spain

Businesses one can buy in Spain can be divided roughly into two types: existing companies with a name, business history, and clientele, and entirely new companies that have undergone the procedure of registration and are temporally frozen. The companies of the second type are created by Spanish legal bureaus especially for sale purposes. Their main advantage is the option of express re-registration available to the founders and a clean tax history.

Regardless of the option you choose, buying a business in Spain can be tricky without experts’ help. INEEDSpain service center provides the full spectrum of services in the area of starting or buying a business in Spain.

Our consultations and advice on buying a business in Spain include the following services:

  • In the case of buying an existing company: account audit and fiscal inspection of the company, assistance in opening an account in one of the Spanish banks, preparation and notary reissuing of the constituent documents.
  • In the case of buying a new company: selection of the company—the activities of which indicated in the constituent documents meet the client’s preferences as closely as possible, assistance in opening a banking account, and reissuing of the documents.
  • The purchase of a business in Spain can be accomplished through a representative with a letter of attorney. If, due to any reason, a client cannot be present to sign the documents, we can do so on his or her behalf. The specialists of INEEDSpain service center are ready to travel to any city or town in Spain with the aim of performing the procedure of re-issuing the constituent documents for a client.

When a foreign citizen buys a business in Spain, it is important to appoint a managing director for a new company. According to Spanish legislation, only a Spanish citizen, a citizen of a country-member of the European Union, or a foreign citizen-resident who holds a residence permit with work authorization, can be appointed in the role of a director. INEEDSpain also assists in appointing a nominal director to fulfill these requirements. The cost of the services of such a director depends on the job responsibilities and the type of the company’s activities.

For more information, please contact us at the phone numbers provided on our website or by e-mail.


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