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How to buy cheap airline tickets in Barcelona, Spain

cheap airline tickets barcelona

The ability to travel is one of the seemingly indispensable advantages of modern life. Furthermore, the possibility to save money while travelling to distant countries is another bonus travelers ought to consider, especially when arranging a trip that will last longer than one week. Often, it is much more enjoyable to spend money on new impressions and experiences than on basic travel expenses.

Life-hacks for ticket searches

  • It is possible to buy round trip tickets separately. The majority of travelers are convinced that buying a round trip ticket is much cheaper than buying one-way fares. However, this is not always the case. Everything depends on the hour and location of your flight’s departure and arrival. The prices also depend on the airline company’s current promotions, so that sometimes it is worth buying a ticket to your final destination at a special price. Afterward, you would need to search for a return ticket and look for last-minute super-promotions. Of course, it makes sense to purchase tickets separately only if you are not bound by specific deadlines and therefore have some free time to conduct the search.

According to airline statistics, the best prices for tickets can be found within the last hour of the night and the first morning hour. If you do not mind the temporary lack of sleep and you are able to sleep well on a flight, this option may work perfectly for you. Keep in mind that on a European time schedule, night is 24:00 – 3:00 am, while morning is 4:00 am – 11:00 am. Since in countries like Russia, the period of time between midnight and 6:00 am is considered nighttime, some ticket purchasers may get confused.

  • It is always a good idea to subscribe to airlines’ sites, compare prices, become informed about promotions, and look into destinations that can be cheaper depending on the season. For some locations, due to the decrease in demand, companies have numerous attractive offers for flights to southern destinations during the off-seasons.
  • If you are a student card holder and are under 31 years of age, you are eligible for numerous discounts provided by the airlines. Vueling, a low-cost carrier, is especially famous for its student discounts. Doubtless, the best card to have is the ISIC, the international student’s card (which students from any country can obtain with ease). Russian students can order it through the website www.isic.ru.
  • It is extremely important not to limit your search options by choosing direct flights only. At times, transfer flights can be quite comfortable, and you will not spend more than an hour or an hour and a half in the transit zone, yet the price may be significantly lower than that of the direct flight.

airline companies barcelona

  • Also, travelers should not ignore the search option to “include other airports.” This is especially important to remember in Europe, since departure and arrival to or from a small airport close to your tourist site and a subsequent trip by bus can be a much cheaper choice. For example, you are more likely to find cheap airfare to Barcelona, Spain, with a port of arrival in Girona than in El Prat. Ryanair, a low-budget carrier, operates its flights to this city. Once in Girona, you can take the BarcelonaBus (with a schedule based on the arrival times of the Ryanair flights). Overall, this is a convenient and cheap way to get to Barcelona, for the bus ticket fee is only 15 euros. Moreover, the ticket is included in the city pass and can be reserved beforehand when planning your travel itinerary. The travel time by this bus is about an hour.
  • You can always fly to one destination and travel to another by other means. Thus, it is possible to travel to Sevilla from Barcelona by bus and from there to fly in any direction. The same scheme works for return trips: you can buy a ticket to Madrid and, once there, catch a train to Barcelona. It is always recommended to compare the ticket prices in different cities within the country you plan to visit, as well as the bus and train tickets between the cities.

Remember the search options for checking flight prices one day earlier and one day later than your selected travel dates. You might be pleasantly surprised by the difference in price. The case is that during days with typically high demand (such as holidays and weekends), the prices can be rocket-high. Flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tend to be cheaper and far less popular.

  • It is worth checking thoroughly through the most popular search engines in Spain to find incredible deals. Sometimes, you might see a ticket offer to China at 300 euros or a flight promotion to South Africa at 400 euros. The first and best such site is www.viajeropedia.com. In this website, you will see plane tickets from Madrid to Paris at 21 euros and special offers from Heathrow airport to Cancun for only 200 euros. On the other hand, the search engine, www.edreams.es will offer you the best deals, such as flights from Girona airport to Moscow at 28.79 euros, or cheap airline tickets from Barcelona to Delhi for flights operated by Aeroflot and Alitalia for no more than 350 euros. Additionally, subscriptions for Eladio García @buscavuelos on Twitter can be beneficial as well. Here, all the hot deals are gathered in one place that lists the flights from cities in Spain to such places as Nice for 62 euros and special offers to Bolivia for 140 euros. It also lists schedules for the months to come that enable visitors to find the best travel options in advance.

Popular low-budget carriers

low budget carriers barcelona


This is the most popular low-cost carrier in Europe. If the ticket prices of Pobeda make you panic, the deals offered by Ryanair might seem a never-ending party. You are not just dreaming if you find a flight ticket for 5 euros. However, these exclusive prices are valid only for select locations and only during special promotions. Nevertheless, on average, tickets cost from 19 to 30 euros. Unfortunately, this air carrier does not operate from Moscow, but it is convenient to fly to Spain from Budapest, Warsaw, or Krakow. As a rule, the Ryanair flights arrive at the airports of Girona and Reus (Tarragona).


Few people seem to be aware of the fact that this carrier features the best offers throughout Europe and the U.S.A. when it comes to the “price-quality” ratio. Of course, the majority of its offers cover the northern European region of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Nevertheless, travelers often can find great deals on flights to Spain, Italy, and France. The average ticket price ranges from 19 to 30 euros. There are no flights from Moscow. However, there are plenty of arrivals from the airports of eastern Europe, including the large Bulgarian cities. Norvegian also offers a great number of flights to various destinations from Barcelona, including Antalya and Chicago.



This famous, low-budget carrier operates across the whole of Europe and is particularly popular due to its flights from Moscow to London at 50 euros. This company features flights from Barcelona in all directions, including flights to the Canary Islands and Cyprus. The average ticket price is 40-60 euros.


Everyone who has flown to Barcelona at least once knows that Vueling is the best of the Spanish low-cost carriers. A ticket from Moscow to Barcelona with this airline will cost approximately 80-90 euros. Flights around Europe are about 35 euros, and during promotional periods, it is possible to buy a plane ticket to France or Italy at the minimal price of 10 euros.

Iberia express

Iberia airline is one of the largest airline carriers in Spain operating in all directions, including to Moscow and the United States. The tickets generally are quite affordable and range from 90 to 100 euros. Iberia express is a low-cost carrier that flies only from Madrid in Spain and from other European capitals. This company does not have flights to Moscow, but it offers numerous flights all over Europe. A ticket costs just 30 euros.

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