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Popular cinemas in Barcelona

кинотеатры Барселоны

In just a day in Barcelona, one can wander the narrow streets of the Gothic quarter, try juicy oysters in the Barceloneta area accompanied by a glass of white wine, study the mysterious mosaics on the elaborate buildings created by Antonio Gaudi, and enjoy the fresh air brimming with the fragrances of jasmine and almond in the parks on the outskirts of the city. Barcelona, so diverse and vibrant, seems destined to be the protagonist in many famous movies. For example, in the film, Wheels on Meals, Jackie Chan’s character prepares the most delicious noodles in a van on the streets of Barcelona, while in Beautiful Alejandro González Iñarritu reveals the city through the eyes of labor immigrants and illegal residents. The expressive women featured in Almadovar’s movies also search for happiness on the streets of the Catalonian capital. Moreover, during the filming of Perfume, the square near Basilica de la Mercé was converted into a medieval-style fish market. 

Advice: when buying a ticket, pay attention to the abbreviation that indicates the language used in the movie. VO means that a movie is shown in its original language; VOSE in the original language with Spanish subtitles; VOSC (sometimes marked as VOS) with English subtitles. The movies in Catalan or with Catalan subtitles are marked as VC.



In this cinema, opened back in 1999, one is permitted not only to watch a movie in comfortable armchairs, but also to dance and sing on the stage, imitating one’s favorite actors. The main repertoire of the cinema includes the movies of the ‘80s - ‘90s, such as Dirty Dancing, Moulin Rouge, and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. The movies are shown in their original languages.

  • Address: Calle de Aribau, 8-10
  • Price: on average 10 euros



In Phenomena, such cinematic classics as Star Wars, Indian Jones, and Rocky are offered in the original versions. In this cinema, you can watch children’s and dubbed movies as well.

  • Address: Calle de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 168
  • Price: 6 euros

Cinema a la Fresca

The famous open-air cinema located near the mountain, Montjuic, operates during the hottest months in Barcelona–July and August. With the exception of classical films, here one can enjoy festival movies and short films in their original languages with Spanish subtitles while reclining on comfortable, soft rugs and pillows.

  • Address: Carretera de Montjuic, 66
  • Price: 5 euros

Cine de Girona

Cine de Girona

This cinema boasts more than 25 years of history and is extremely popular among Catalonians. It shows mainly auteur movies by European directors and popular foreign films with subtitles. Here, one can also enjoy the live broadcasts of opera, ballet, and other performances. Several times per month, this cinema organizes concerts by Barcelona’s renowned bands as well as artists’ exhibitions.

  • Address: Calle de Girona, 175
  • Price: from 4 to 8 euros, depending on the day of the week and the movie selected

Cines Verdi

Oftentimes foreigners choose this cinema to watch films in their original languages with the purpose of improving their vocabulary in the language they are studying. Here, one has the opportunity to watch old movies, art-house, popular movies, festival films, and even movies for kids!

  • Address: Verdi Park: Calle de Torrijos, 49. Verdi: Calle de Verdi, 32
  • Price: from 4.50 to 9 euros

Cine Renoir

Cine Renoir

This cinema specializes in independent and European movies and lies in the winding streets of El Born district. All films at this cinema are shown in the original language with Catalan subtitles. The cinema often organizes meetings of cinema lovers, presentations of new books, and concerts.

  • Address: Calle de Floridablanca, 135
  • Price: 6 euros

Filmoteca de Catalunya

Filmoteca de Catalunya

It is impossible to omit from any list of cinemas Filmoteca, one of the most important cinemas in Catalonia. This cinema is unique for many reasons. First, important film festivals take place here. Second, the cinema shows movies created at the beginning of the last century and auteur films from almost all countries around the world. Finally, Filmoteca has acquired fame as a restorer of the country’s cinematographic heritage. In the corridors of this cinema there are often photo exhibitions related to the movies, while in the halls the cinema arranges meetings and lectures by famous artists.

  • Address: Placa de Salvador Segui, 1
  • Price: depends on the chosen movie and event

Balmes Multicines

This cinema is one of the newest and largest in Barcelona with 12 cinema halls! Comfortable, wide armchairs, huge screens, high quality sound, and crispy popcorn are readily available. What else might one might need to enjoy the latest popular movies? As a rule, the movies are dubbed into Spanish, although one can also find films in their original languages.

  • Аddress: Calle de Balmes, 422-424
  • Price: Tuesday-Saturday: 6-7 euros, on Mondays: 4 euros


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