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How to get an NIE in Spain

get nie in spain

How to get an NIE in Spain

The process of obtaining an NIE is different for EU citizens than it is for non-EU citizens. An NIE can be obtained either from migration authorities in Spain or at the nearest Spanish consulate.

In Spain, most state authorities work from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. For this reason, if you want to legalize a document, it is best to accomplish this in the morning. It is also best to make an appointment in advance since many offices have a system of advance scheduling.

How EU residents can get an NIE in Spain

How EU residents can get an NIE in Spain

If a residency in Spain exceeds three months, EU citizens and EU residents alike must register and obtain an NIE. It is necessary to register with the nearest Foreign Affairs Police Department and submit the following documents: international passport, Spanish registration, medical insurance with national coverage, proof of funds, and the completed application form (EX-18).

To renew an NIE, both the old NIE card and a passport must be presented.

Obtaining an NIE in Spain for EU non-residents

To obtain an NIE, an EU non-resident’s personal presence is not mandatory; a power of attorney may grant it in writing. It is important to remember that a preliminary certificate, which shows the assigned number, is granted first. This certificate is valid for only 90 days, but the number assigned on the certificate is permanent. If the certificate has expired, a new certificate can be applied for ex novo, but it will be necessary to re-submit all the required documents.

To obtain an NIE, the following steps are required:

  • Complete the EX-15 application form
  • Present photocopies of all passport pages
  • Present a letter of attorney if the NIE is obtained through an authorized representative
  • Present documentary evidence demonstrating the reason for the certificate application
  • Pay the tax in the amount of 9.45 euros

If you have any questions about getting NIE in Spain, consult INEEDSpain company's managers via numbers indicated on index page, and get a detailed consultation.


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