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Ideas for bachelorette party in Barcelona

bachelorette party barcelona

Organizing a wedding is always rather stressful, even if your policy is to remain five steps ahead in every detail. For exactly this reason, at least one event amid all the wedding hassle should be joyful and entirely relaxing. The bachelorette party for the bride-to-be is the most important event of the wedding’s eve. This evening’s festivities give the wife-to-be a wonderful opportunity to find time for herself and her dear friends. For this reason, it is crucial to choose the right place: a location where the group of friends will be enshrouded in maximum comfort and share in the festivity and memories before the happiest day of the bride’s life.


spa barcelona

What could be better than spending the whole day among friends enjoying pampering procedures at the spa? A bachelorette party in Barcelona in one of the best spas, with relaxation among aromatic oils and swimming pools with mineral water together with your girlfriends is the perfect experience to precede the more intensive bachelorette party later in the evening. At Aire Barcelona, you can bathe in the swimming pools with mineral water, order a massage with olive oil, Argan oil, or Himalayan salt, and experience the unique and exotic “wine bath” that was a favorite procedure among the Venetian ladies of the 18th century. Vases full of fruits and a light head massage will help you reach your maximum level of relaxation. Later on, it is possible to continue the party in one of the swimming pools or antique baths with freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. The Oriental Jasmine spa-salon features special offers on a “Beauty Party” as well as a special menu for bachelorette parties with cava, tea, and a vast selection of pastries. Among the countless spa treatments, you are more than welcome to choose from the sugar scrub with coconut chips, the “Queen of Egypt” rejuvenating complex, a fiber massage, and aromatherapy.


restaurant barcelona

Should your priority be a sincere conversation among girlfriends around the dinner table with a glass of good wine, you will face one problem only—the sheer number of choices. Since Barcelona has a tremendous selection of restaurants and bars, it is of primary importance to find out at least what type of cuisine your friends prefer. You can find a suitable restaurant to host your bachelorette party in Barcelona anywhere along the coast, since any of the restaurants with a sea view will offer you a cozy table for a large group. It is possible to choose a terrace with a gorgeous view or a location directly on the sea shore, or to inquire at your preferred spot adjacent to the beach. For instance, CDLC on Paseig Maritim will be glad to host a noisy party in comfortable rooms adorned with soft pillows, where you can order champagne with black cod and chat about any topic without being worried that someone might ruin your party since all the tables are separated from each other by cotton curtains.

Another option is to reserve a table in a panoramic restaurant, such as Torre d’Alta Mar, Marea Alta, or Miramar. These places provide an incredible bird’s-eye view over the city. If you want to surprise your guests with some exotic touches, it is worth paying a visit to one of the vegetarian restaurants, such as the designer restaurant Teresa Carles, which boasts plenty of juices and special culinary menu offerings.


club barcelona

Doubtless, a nightclub is a commonplace choice for a bachelorette party, but where else will you find so much joy, happiness, and good music to provide hours of fun for a big party? At Pipa Club, you can rent a whole hall, enjoy designer cocktails and popcorn as a snack, and listen to local Indie groups while playing billiards. Apolo and Razmatazz will offer you lively music until 7 am, while Pacha and City Hall will give you the chance to rent a separate hall so that nothing and no one can distract you from your celebration. If there are any musicians among your group of friends, it might be best to visit one of the “open mic” parties in Jamboree or karaoke in the center of Barcelona.

Master classes and excursions

If your group of good friends does not have any intention to relax and instead is eager to exercise its adventurous spirit, it is possible to find all kinds of activities to suit your interests in Barcelona. For example, you can choose to reserve a private master class in Arte Bar, where you will spend a couple of hours creating your own artistic masterpieces on canvas in a care-free atmosphere with a glass of wine and a variety of light tapas. Also, it is possible to book a group tour to the museum of chocolate or any other museum of interest. Moreover, it is a good idea to visit any of the numerous culinary master classes in the city and learn to cook paella, sushi, or pizza. And, of course, one of the best options is to book a salsa lesson given by Latin-American dancers living in Barcelona.


beach barcelona

A party on the warm Mediterranean coasts is quite a popular option. The soft sands, seagulls’ cries, and, of course, the chiringuitos offering the best cocktails among the beach bars are all elements that will help you organize a classy bachelorette party in Barcelona. You can start your party on the beach during the daytime hours by chilling out on the sun loungers on one of the Barceloneta shores. For the evening, a great option is to reserve a table at one of the beach establishments and continue your celebration there. Additionally, it would be cool to pay a visit to a surf club and order a kayak voyage or take a surfing class. Later on, the guests are welcome to have even more fun on the terraces of the beach restaurants or to take a yacht walk. Las Golondrinas bureau always has a variety of options from which to choose: a port excursion, a yacht/cruiser boat/boat walk, or a private party at sea with bar services on board any vessel you like. Among the multiple excursions possible in Barcelona, you can pick up the unique “360º SkyWalk: Earth, Sea, and Air” that enables you to walk around the Gothic quarter, fly around the city in a helicopter, and take a sea trip. In this way, you will be able to see all the sights in Barcelona in just four hours.

A picnic on the beach organized by the “Picnic!Picnic!” company can be included on the list of the most incredible ideas for your party. You are free to choose the menu and place and be completely secure that the company will provide all the necessary elements for your party, including stylish blankets, soft pillows, baskets with the food you specify, and even a basket with ice for your bottles of champagne.


apartment barcelona

If you plan to have your bachelorette party in a quiet atmosphere, you might consider renting a bachelorette party apartment in Barcelona. Airbnb offers a great variety of apartments and houses that can be rented for several days at a time. Make sure to verify whether the owners or agencies have the required tourist rental permits and certificates and to choose the districts in which the neighbors are less likely to be bothered by a noisy event. It is quite possible to rent an apartment with a spacious terrace and BBQ equipment and organize a dinner in the open air. Also, you can take advantage of the “Barcelona Home” resource and find apartments that feature both a terrace and swimming pool, as well as a villa or a country house where no one will be bothered by your loud music and where your guests will feel at home. Barcelona Home will help you decorate the space for your upcoming celebration based on your aesthetic preferences and needs. Hotel Majestic offers not only the standard rooms and lux suites, but also apartments in the city center that come with hotel services, including cleaning and restaurant catering in the suites. You also can order holiday catering in these apartments, as well as assistance from waiters and a butler to complete your festive dinner.

In order to avoid wasting your valuable time and energy on the preparation of your gala party, festive event, or birthday, contact “INEEDSpain,” and we will be happy to take charge of the whole process.


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