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Barcelona hotels with pets allowed

animal hotels barcelona

If common ideas about travelling with pets might seem to generate panic or fears, in reality traveling with pets is much less complicated than it may seem at the outset. It is true that often animals’ transportation requires some documentation and evidence of certain vaccinations, but it is relatively easy to find accommodations that accept pets in any European city. Barcelona is not an exception, since the city has plenty of pet-friendly hotels. You can always find a comfortable option for yourself and your pet. If you are informed enough to choose the right place and surround your animal with the care he or she certainly deserves, your journey has all the raw material required to transform into your ideal trip and a totally problem-free experience.

Petit Palace Barcelona

Petit Palace hotel in Barcelona

Inside Petit Palace


Petit Palace is not simply a hotel where you can stay with your pets in comfort – it is actually a great hotel for animals in Barcelona. The hotel’s extra-flexible policies have made this place comfortable for all kinds of guests, including large families, animal lovers, and businessmen. In addition, all of these features are oriented toward every guest. Thus, guests with animals have a whole floor at their disposal. Here, they will feel at home without worrying about making special provisions for their pets. As for the children, every room features sweets, toys, and DVD-discs with movies for kids. Also, in every room you will find a computer (to ensure the most efficient working conditions, if necessary). All the rooms are designed in a minimalistic style, but all of the major amenities and accessories are provided automatically and are included in the room fee. The hotel is located at a 10-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya. Nevertheless, the city hassle does not bother the guests at all, since all the rooms have double-glazing over the windows, an extremely important feature for those staying with animals who are sensitive to noise.

  • Address: Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 21.
  • Phone number: +34 933 024 717.
  • Website: www.hotelpetitpalacebarcelona.com
  • around 100 euros per night. There are special weekly offers as well: for example, 68 euros per night when booking online.

Hotel Claris

On the rooftop of Hotel Claris

Hotel Claris in Barcelona


This 5-star hotel, located next to Passeig de Gracia in the close vicinity of Casa Milla, offers a special package for guests who are travelling with animals. This accommodation is one of the most comfortable hotels in Barcelona for those travelling with dogs. The package includes toys for pets, special procedures for animals, an individual sleeping place, water and food, as well as a set of clothing for dogs. It should be mentioned that the major offers extend to dogs under 15 kilograms. For the larger animals, the conditions of stay are discussed on a separate basis. In addition to the dog-friendly service, you are sure admire the uniqueness of the rooms here. The hotel design is really incredible – each of the rooms is completely different from the others and features a unique style and planning. Moreover, every room is decorated with exquisite interior accessories and art objects, and every room features elegant furniture pieces in a heritage style. The hotel also has two restaurants and offers Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines. Plus, it is worth mentioning that La Terazza will surprise you with a gorgeous panoramic view over the city center. When checking in, the following amenities are waiting for you: a welcome drink, mineral water in the room, a 35-euro certificate for the hotel SPA, and a free pass to the museum of Egypt.

  • Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 150.
  • Phone number: +34 934 876 262.
  • Website: www.hotelclaris.com
  • Price: around 219 euros per night; sometimes there is a “Gold Weekend” offer, or a 40% weekend discount.

Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Banqueting hall in Hotel Barcelona Catedral

On the rooftop of Hotel Barcelona Catedral


As is obvious from its name, this hotel is located next to the Cathedral of Barcelona, not from St. Caterina’s market. The hotel is famous not only because you can stay there with pets, but also due to the picturesque swimming pool on the roof, from which guests can enjoy the gorgeous view over the Gothic district. The room fee includes a free tour of the city and totally free bicycle rentals. It is worth mentioning that you can stay comfortably in the hotel with pets, although their entrance is prohibited in the restaurant and near the swimming pool. While swimming in the pool and visiting the restaurant, you will have to leave your pet in the room. One of the greatest advantages of this accommodation is its proximity to the beach, where you can walk your dog several times per day if you wish. Additionally, guests are more than welcome to take advantage of the hotel’s special offers, including culinary master classes, a dinner with wine tastings, and special sets of SPA procedures. Also, it is possible to present all the aforementioned amenities to a friend or send a certificate by mail for only 50 euros.

  • Address: Carrer dels Capellans, 4.
  • Phone number: +34 933 042 255.
  • Website: www.barcelonacatedral.com
  • Price: around 89 euros per day; with breakfast included, around 122 euros per day.

Hotel Primero Primera

Inside Hotel Primero Primera

Swimming pool in Hotel Primero Primera


This 4-star hotel with cozy rooms and pleasant, small terraces lies in Zona Alta, north of Sant Gervasi. It is nestled in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, perfect for those guests who prefer to stay far away from the bustling center of Barcelona. Despite its relative remoteness from the city center, this area boasts a well-developed infrastructure. Therefore, you will find no reason to complain about a lack of cafes or shops nearby. Moreover, the hotel features a private swimming pool and a small patio where you can spend time with your pet. The room fee also includes a 24/7 snack bar and covered parking. Among the major extra services, the following are noteworthy: a personal interpreter, shopper, masseuse, and driver. The hotel also houses the restaurant El Comedor, with authentic Catalan cuisine and a separate room where the continental breakfast included in the accommodation fee is served. Additionally, guests are welcome to pay a visit to the bar Honesto, which resembles a smoking room for gentlemen, as well as a bar near the swimming pool outdoors.

  • Address: Carrer del Dr. Carulla, 25.
  • Phone number: +34 934 175 600.
  • Website: www.primeroprimera.com
  • Price: from 146 euros.

W Barcelona

Hotel W Barcelona

Inside hotel W Barcelona


This is one of the most famous hotels in Barcelona. It is located conveniently next to the beach and has a P.A.W. (“Pets are welcome”) marking; that is, the hotel welcomes guests with pets at or below the 18-kilogram weight limit. However, the nonhuman animal guest list is limited to dogs and cats. On the other hand, Komodo dragons and bees do not need to travel for entertainment, right? In that respect, the policy of this hotel is rather logical. In every room, your pets will find a separate sleeping place, toys, food, water, a toilet, trash bags for walks, and the possibility to reserve walking services. W is one of the most luxurious hotels, where everything seems perfect – from the views out your window to the services provided. The terraces of the swimming pools, “SUN Deck” and “WET Deck,” feature incredible views over the sea. Moreover, this hotel offers its guests two restaurants: BRAVO24, which is run by the Michelin-starred chef, Carles Abellan, and WAVE restaurant. In addition, you can find the ECLIPSE bar on the roof of the building, located on the 27th floor. This place is a favorite hub, not only for the hotel guests, but also for tourists who come here to enjoy the terrific panoramic views over the city and sea. During the daytime hours, you can pay a visit to the beach club restaurant, SALT, where it is possible to try the homemade burgers and signature cocktails.

  • Address: Placa de la Rosa dels Vents, 1.
  • Phone number: +34 932 952 800.
  • Website: www.w-barcelona.com
  • Price: from 280 euros.

To avoid unnecessary worry about your pet’s accommodations before you travel, contact the professionals of “INEEDSpain” service center. We will be glad to help you organize your vacation, search for the best hotels and deals, and book the rooms that best suit your needs.

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