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How to connect to the Internet in Barcelona - WiFi hotspots, mobile Internet

Internet in Barcelona

Access to wireless Internet in Barcelona is possible at all free public Wi-Fi access points, which are marked with "W" signs and located throughout the city. In Barcelona, there are two types of public Wi-Fi points: the first provides access without any additional information, whereas the second type requires some extra information. For example, the Wi-Fi portals in Barcelona’s public libraries require the users to enter their library card numbers.

Barcelona’s free Wi-Fi is a service provided by the City Council of Barcelona. The service allows you to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi access points or hotspots located in various municipal institutions and public areas. This service is provided free of charge to all citizens, as is an online mobile network that allows users to surf the Internet. The service provides residents of Barcelona with the largest free public Wi-Fi network in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.

Barcelona Wi-Fi benefits users by providing easy access to a variety of web content. Users may search only via web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and others. Of course, this amenity also provides citizens with information and online services related to the city council.

To access Wi-Fi in Barcelona from any point, all you need is an IT device (such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone) with the potential for Wi-Fi connection and an email address. To access this feature, users must comply with the general terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms, access to the Barcelona Wi-Fi may be deactivated. To activate the service, simply connect to the Barcelona Wi-Fi home page, accept the user agreement, and enter your email address and residence details to complete the registration. An email with a confirmation will be sent to your email address; open the email and click, "Start navigation."

You can also use Wi-Fi at the beach in Barcelona, as access points are located everywhere along the coast. During the high season, however, the Internet often functions slowly or incorrectly due to the high user demand and the resulting congestion.

The disadvantages of free public Wi-Fi are the restrictions, slow speed, and connections that are not secure. Also, all access points close at 22:00 and re-open at 8:00 am. They do not work in the metro. One of the best options for Wi-Fi in Barcelona is an alternative personal Wi-Fi access point, which can be rented for 6.29 euros per day and may provide connections for up to 10 devices. A personal Wifivox router is a small handheld device with 3G mobile connections that acts as a modem and allows you to create your own Wi-Fi access point in Barcelona and its suburbs.

Best mobile Internet in Barcelona

In Barcelona, you can buy a 4G SIM card at any of the major telecommunications company stores. For example, you may choose Vodafone, Movistar (Telefonica), Orange, or Phone House. This card costs about 35 euros per month. Companies offer different packages: those with daily billing, family plans, and others. When activated, enter the USB key for each PC. To buy a card, you will need a document proving your identity.

Internet in the Barcelona airport

Internet in the Barcelona airport

Barcelona Airport offers free Internet access through kubiWireless, a private company operating at the airport. KubiWireless-Europa offers a free basic Internet connection via Wi-Fi at the Barcelona airport, but the speed is limited. The company also offers an alternative premium rate Internet access service with high speed at an additional cost.

Wi-Fi coverage and wireless access points are provided in the following places:

  • Terminal T1: throughout the terminal;
  • Terminal T2A: Public areas: Medas Ready to Eat; landing areas: Self Mediterráneo (M4), Caffe di Fiore (M5), Terracotta (M5), Pans & Company (M5), Sala VIP Salvador Dalí (M5);
  • Terminal T2B: Public areas: Ars, Plantaciones de Origen, Pans & Company, Buffet Catalunya, Restaurante Sant Jordi, Medas Beer; landing areas: Aubépain (M2), Tip Top Tapas (M2), Food Gallery (M2), Europe (M3), La Pausa (M3), Caffe di Fiore (M3), Fresh and Ready (Rambla), Sala VIP Canudas (M2), Salas de Reuniones Catalunya (M2);
  • Terminal T2C: Public Areas: Medas Beer; landing areas: Caffe di Fiore (M0), Medas Restaurante (M1), Medas Beer (M1), Medas Ready to Eat.

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