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Language Schools in Spain

language schools spain

Nowadays, language schools in Spain attract students of all ages and from all over the world. This should come as no surprise because the Spanish language is one of the most-used languages in the worlds of business, politics, tourism, education, and culture. Although a variety of methods exist for studying a foreign language, undoubtedly the most efficient way to learn it is to study in a country where the language is officially spoken. In this regard, language schools in Spain are ideal locations to study the language. It is also easier and more practical to study a language with professional teachers who are native speakers. 

Moreover, a complete immersion into the language and the cultural environment outside the school means that obvious results are obtained within a shorter time span. Another obvious advantage of studying Spanish as a foreign language is experiencing Spain itself. This amazing country will turn your studying process into a fabulous journey. In Spain, anyone can find something special based on personal preferences. Its cuisine, cultural events, holidays, historical landmarks, marvelous climate, diverse nature, and hospitality will definitely complement your studies at the language schools, making your experience unforgettable.

Language Schools in Spain: When, How Long, and Where to Go

Language schools in Spain offer programs throughout the year. For this reason, students are free to choose a course with a beginning date that works best for them, depending on students’ desires and the program possibilities. Generally, classes for new groups start on Mondays, and holidays coincide with the national, state, or regional holidays. Language schools in Spain also offer a vast selection of courses that vary in duration, academic load, and topic. For those who are pressed for time, schools offer short, intensive Spanish language programs that might include the following types of classes: learning as an individual or in a group, studying grammar, practicing conversation, reading classic Spanish literature, and studying Spanish traditions and culture. For those who would like to attain a perfect command of Spanish, the best option is to choose a year-long Spanish language program with a medium academic load.

As for location, language schools can be found in all regions of the country. The most popular studying destinations are Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Málaga, Sevilla, Salamanca, Alicante, Tenerife, the Balearic Islands, and the Basque region. If one wants to visit different parts of Spain, some programs accommodate this wish. Many language schools in Spain combine study programs with the possibility of travel. Hence, language schools with branches in different cities have developed special programs that allow students to take every section of the study program in a new school located in a different city. All these possibilities are created with the purpose of transforming Spanish language study into a pleasurable experience without creating unnecessary stress for the students.

Best Language Schools in Spain

best language schools spain

The best language schools in Spain have obtained the accreditation of the Institute of Cervantes. The certificate of the Institute of Cervantes is issued only to schools that have passed successfully a strict inspection process. Currently, 156 language schools in different regions of Spain have passed inspection and hold this accreditation. Inspections are carried out only once every three years. During the accreditation process, the following features are taken into account: teaching methodologies, educational programs developed, level of teachers’ preparation, didactic and audiovisual materials, technical specifications, and infrastructure. The best language schools in Spain offer comprehensive programs suitable for students from any country. Students study in modern, equipped classrooms, and all subjects are taught exclusively in Spanish. This methodology has proven to be highly efficient, even for absolute novices. The teachers in the language schools in Spain are not just native Spanish speakers but specialists with first-rate qualifications who know the way to teach their language effectively to foreigners. Since groups usually have 8-10 students at most, a teacher can give individual attention to every student. Hence, the best language schools in Spain guarantee excellent results in terms of Spanish language learning, with the Institute of Cervantes monitoring the educational process.

List of Superior Language Schools in Spain

superior language schools spain

  • Speakeasy (Barcelona
  • Sprachcaffe Languages Plus (Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga)
  • Olé (Barcelona)
  • Don Quijote (Barcelona)
  • Camino Barcelona (Barcelona)
  • ENFOREX (Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Alicante, Cádiz, Granada, Málaga, Sevilla, Salamanca, Pamplona, Tenerife, Valencia, San Sebastián)
  • Linguaschools (Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Salamanca, San Sebastián, Granada)

Spanish Language Programs in Spain

The diversity of Spanish language programs in Spain is amazing and, therefore, can meet any student’s preferences and requirements. Programs are offered to students of any age and with any level of Spanish as a foreign language. Among the many types of Spanish language programs are the following options:

  • General courses (intense or standard) designed for 20-30 hours of classes per week with a duration from 1 week up to 1 year;
  • Vacation programs for children, students, and adults;
  • Special preparatory courses developed to help students get ready for the DELE exam;
  • Specialized courses for businessmen, lawyers, and medical workers;
  • Various combined courses that, in addition to Spanish language classes, offer classes in Spanish cuisine, traditions, culture, literature, Spanish dances, history, and even a combination of language study and sports sessions.

spanish language schools spain

English Language Schools in Spain: Study Another Language in Spain!

Apart from Spanish language schools in Spain, there are many English language schools as well. Spain is not only a fabulous country for students but also a place that offers teachers great possibilities for professional growth. For this reason, English language schools in Spain attract professional teachers from English-speaking countries: in the best schools, English is taught only by native speakers. In Spain, one can prepare for and pass various English proficiency tests. The most diligent and hard-working students can combine studying Spanish with English classes!

So, have you decided to go to Spain to learn Spanish? Contact our Service Centre and our managers will help you choose the best language school for you, give you detailed information on the available programs, assist you in choosing the program that works best for you, and explain the regional differences among the language learning centers.


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