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Active leisure in Lloret de Mar and activities for adventure lovers

lloret de mar

Those who love to be active in their leisure time and enjoy marine entertainment certainly should pay a visit to Lloret de Mar at least once in a lifetime. Undoubtedly, Lloret de Mar is secondary to Barcelona when it comes to its size, architecture, and the number of establishments for cultural entertainment. The population of this small seaside town constitutes only about 40,000 people. However, millions of tourists from all over the world come annually to discover this gorgeous place and its treasures.

Lloret de Mar is the touristic capital of Costa Brava

The history of Lloret de Mar traces back approximately to the VI century B.C., when the first Iberian tribes settled all over the area. Gradually, the settlement began to expand, and the key fortifications were erected, including the San Juan fortress, which remains the iconic image of the town to this day. During this early period, the connections with the neighboring city of Barcelona were established as well. Commerce, the success of which has been attributed to the geographical location of the town and its immediate proximity to the port, has been the main source of the town’s prosperity throughout its history, at least until the town gained a tremendous influx of tourists beginning in the 2000s. Lloret de Mar is located 39 kilometers from Girona, 75 kilometers from Barcelona, and 90 kilometers from the southern border of France. The opportune location is an extra bonus for tourists planning to visit several Spanish towns on their journey.

Castle in Lloret-de-Mar

Apartments in Lloret-de-Mar

Beach of Lloret-de-Mar, Spain


In addition to the highly developed tourist infrastructure, the extremely mild Mediterranean climate is another important argument in favor of booking an active tour of Lloret de Mar. Even in the wintertime, the seawater temperature rarely dips below 15 degrees C. Thus, the swimming season lasts from the end of April all the way into October - notice this fact in case you are planning water extreme activities.

Visitors should bear in mind the peculiarities of this long season when planning for extreme water activities in Lloret de Mar. There are a vast number of beaches along the coast, of which Lloret and Fenals Platjas are the most popular. These beaches are renowned for their azure waters and snow-white sand that never sticks to the body or clothing. However, it is helpful to know that the depth of the sea changes very quickly here; there is an abrupt drop in the sea floor level only 50 meters from the coast. Therefore, be extra careful when planning vacations with kids in this area. In any case, the unique landscape facilitates special kinds of extreme water activities in Lloret de Mar. Visitors also will find plenty of smaller and more peaceful bays for hassle-free beach leisure hours.

Active tours of Lloret de Mar

Active tours of Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is an absolute favorite among European youth and extreme sports lovers. Here, young people also embrace the opportunity to enjoy all the best parties in Costa Brava and to plunge into the city’s nightlife. Those searching for more extreme leisure options are welcome to take advantage of the abundance of activities available in Lloret de Mar.

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling are among the most popular events in an active tour of Lloret de Mar, for the diverse flora and fauna create the perfect conditions for these activities. The town is populated by numerous diving clubs and centers that offer their services to clients with varying levels of preparation as well as to absolute beginners. The most well-known organizations are the following: “Divertysub Diving Center,” “Dolphin's Diving Center,” “Oceanos Diving Center Lloret,” and “Snorkel Canyelles.” (The last place also offers services in snorkeling, that is, swimming under the water’s surface using a snorkel and mask, without full immersion.) The fee for these services is 30 euros and up.
  • Sea kayaking is another option for those searching for extreme activities in Lloret de Mar. This activity presents an ideal opportunity to explore the non-tourist side of Lloret de Mar with a tour featuring the most hidden bays and pristine natural areas. You can rent a kayak from “Caiac Lloret,” “Caiac Fenals,” or “Aventura Catalunia.” If you already have some experience in navigating a sea kayak, you may row by yourself. Otherwise, you will need to pay for the services of a guide. In addition to kayaking, these organizations offer the once-in-a-lifetime experience to participate in a group rafting event, such as a journey from Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar.
  • Moreover, jet-skiing and water-skiing are extremely popular activities in Lloret de Mar. In general, the bays bordering the town are rather crowded. On the coast, visitors can find many centers that provide all the necessary equipment for rent and assistance or training. (For example, you can rent from “Lloret Water Xtreme,” “Ski & Ski Bus,” and “Water Sports Center Lloret.”) Extreme water activity options in Lloret de Mar also include wake-surfing, parasailing, rafting, fly-boarding, and the well-known and widely-loved “banana” riding.
  • Those who are fond of sailing sports and wind-surfing call Lloret de Mar one of the best locations for sailing. The factors that allow Lloret de Mar to convert a basic sailing event into an ideal experience are rather fundamental: the comfortable seawater temperature and light, warm breezes. The first time you go sailing, you will be accompanied by an instructor who explains how to control a mini-boat and provides instructions in case of an emergency.

Extreme water sports in Lloret de Mar can be alternated with other active leisure activities. Near the town, you can find many natural parks, rope parks, several large aqua-parks, and kids’ leisure spaces.

The specialists of INEEDSpain service center are always here to help you organize a vacation of any type, including an extreme tour. We will assist you in choosing the best diving centers and equipment rental locations as well as provide you with a consultation on airline tickets and accommodations.


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