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Non-lucrative residence in Spain

residence visa for non-lucrative purposes in Spain

To obtain a residence visa for non-lucrative purposes in Spain, it is not necessary to invest in the Spanish economy, search for a job in Spanish territory, or marry a Spanish citizen. Instead, the decisive factor for approval of the residence request is a regular influx of monetary funds into your banking account from outside of Spain. In addition, you should be aware of the likelihood that the Spanish consulate will demand information concerning the valuables in your ownership to demonstrate your wealth (e.g., houses, apartments, cars, shares, antiques, etc.).

According to the official definition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, all foreign residents who plan to stay in Spain for a period exceeding 90 days per year without engaging in any kind of professional activity can qualify for a non-lucrative residence in Spain.

Keep in mind that residents of the EU as well as the residents of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland need neither this type of visa nor the residence nor work permit. For non-EU citizens, the family members of an immigrant may be eligible for a non-lucrative residence in Spain, but only after an applicant’s residence request is approved.

Initially, non-lucrative residence in Spain is issued for one year only, with an option to extend it (this time for two years). It is important to keep in mind that in contrast with the investor’s visa, this type of residence obliges one to be physically present on Spanish territory for the duration of six months. If one fails to meet this criterion, the non-lucrative residence in Spain will not be extended.

Nuances when applying for a residence visa for non-lucrative purposes in Spain

applying for a residence visa for non-lucrative purposes in Spain

One must submit the required documents for a residence visa for non-lucrative purposes in Spain (D category) to the Spanish consulate in the country of origin. The visa processing times can range from 20 days to several months (and depends upon the availability of the required documents and the specific country of submission). Below, you can find a list of mandatory documents for seeking a non-lucrative residence in Spain:

  • Completed official form (EX – 01) signed by the applicant. This form can be accessed for free online.
  • Completed Form 790, signed by the applicant, that confirms that the applicant has a place to reside in Spanish territory (whether a confirmation of property ownership or a long-term rental contract). One can access Form 790 at the consulate.
  • Valid international passport that expires no earlier than one year and photocopies of all its pages.
  • Certificate of Good Behavior (regardless of the country of origin) issued no later than three months prior to submitting the documents for the residence application.
  • Medical certificate testifying that an applicant is not a transmitter of dangerous diseases (with an official stamp of a medical center and doctor’s signature).
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to live in Spain for both an applicant and his or her family. The required sum is calculated using IPREM (Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples) and constitutes 2,130 euros per month (IPREM, multiplied by four) and 532.5 euros for each family member who moves to Spain with the applicant.
  • Medical insurance issued by a company that is accredited to work in conjunction with those issuing visas to Spain.
  • Consulate fee receipt.

After submitting the required documents and obtaining approval for your request, you will be issued a long-term residence visa for non-lucrative purposes for Spain, which means that the first stage of the process is finally over. Your main purpose in the second stage is to obtain a plastic card that serves as the official residence permit and personal identification in Spanish territory. The processing time for this card is about one month. To collect the card, one must visit the local police department and present the following documents:

  • Registration (‘empadronamiento’) issued in the municipality where you live in your own or rented house or apartment;
  • Valid international passport and photocopies of all pages (including a photocopy of the page with the visa)
  • 3 photos in passport format
  • fingerprints (done in the place of application)

If you need consultation on any issues related to the nuances of moving to Spain and obtaining non-lucrative residence, contact our INEEDSpain service center. Our specialists will clarify all your doubts and will help you to prepare all the required documents.


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