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Palace of Catalan music

palace of catalan music

The majority of tourists who have been to the Palace of Catalan music in Barcelona, Spain have an appreciation for the whole spectrum of the arts; this building is a real architectural miracle. Many of those who have visited claim that even if you do not buy tickets for a musical concert or show (which are still organized here on a daily basis), you should visit simply to admire all the palace’s grandeur, both inside and outside. The fortunate visitors who manage to hear a concert in this unique palace maintain that enjoying magical music in such an impressive location is beyond any comparison.

Originally, the Palace of Catalan music was meant to serve as a concert stage for Orfeó Català, the Barcelona choir nationally famous for its performances of traditional Catalan music. The idea to build a proper ‘headquarters’ emerged in the beginning of the XX century, and as early as 1904, Lluís Domenech i Montaner was chosen as the chief architect for the future music center. Domenech made a great impact on the development of Catalan art nouveau and is also known as the talented creator of Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona.

When taking a guided tour of the Palace of Catalan music, you will learn that its construction began in March of 1905. Moreover, all of the work was accomplished due to voluntary donations from Barcelona residents, similar to the case of Sagrada Familia. However, despite this method of financing, this famous attraction was constructed relatively quickly – in only three years. As a result, the construction really looks gorgeous, and owing to its unique architectural features, at the end of the last century, UNESCO granted the palace the status of a World Heritage site. Domenech i Montaner’s other renowned creation, Sant Pau Hospital, also was given this prestigious status. The Palace of Catalan music boasts another incredible detail worth mentioning: it is the only concert hall in Europe featuring natural illumination. Major streams of light penetrate the enormous stained-glass windows, while only an insignificant proportion of the light is lamp-generated.

From an architectural point of view, the Palace of Catalan music in Barcelona, Spain is not a traditional building. It is almost impossible to find straight lines in this erection. The external and internal finishing impress visitors with eclectic ornaments, and traditional Spanish and Arab mosaic motifs prevail as a general tendency among the architectural embellishments. Those who take a tour of the Palace of Catalan music are especially attracted to the busts of great composers resting above the two columns at the entrance, including busts of Bach, Wagner, Beethoven, and Pierluigi da Palestrina. One also can view the lead singers of Orfeó Català, for their mosaic-made faces are displayed in the upper part of the palace façade.

The interior of the Palace of Catalan music is still more spectacular. Eighteen Greek muses and an organ placed above them welcome visitors inside this magnificent building. The huge hall, which can host over 2000 people, is also home to various sculptures and images. The ceiling of the hall was constructed as an inverted dome, so that spectators have the illusion of the sky above them. This optic phenomenon is reinforced by the choice of colors in the stained glass on the ceiling. Thus, golden shades prevail in the center and gradually transform into blue and azure gammas. Today, the Palace of Catalan music is a center for symphonic and choir music in general and, of course, for Catalan musical arts in particular. It also serves as a concert stage for local, national, and international performances. The palace building is in fact multi-functional, as it sometimes even hosts conferences and exhibitions.

Palace of Catalan music: how to visit

The scene of palace of Catalan music in Barcelona

Interior of palace of Catalan music

Inside the palace of Catalan music in Barcelona


Before booking a tour of the Palace of Catalan music, it is a good idea to study its website attentively (www.palaumusica.cat; an English version is available) and read the visit requirements.

The opening hours of the Palace of Catalan music

Tours are organized every 30 minutes:

  • Daily: from 10:00 until 15:30
  • June and July: from 10:00 until 18:00 (Checking on the exact times is recommended before visiting.)
  • August: from 9:00 until 18:00 (Checking on the exact times is recommended before visiting.

For more information pertaining to visits to the palace at different times, please write to visites@palaumusica.cat.

The tours are available in Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English, and French. The duration of each mini-tour around the Palace of Catalan music is about 55 minutes.

Among the general rules, one should be aware of the following nuances:

  • One should be punctual when it comes to the opening hours of Palace of Catalan music and try not to be late for the guided tour. The guides retain the right to ban a visitor from entering, even if he or she is late by only five minutes.
  • Smoking is prohibited not only in the palace halls, but also on the entire palace grounds.
  • It is prohibited to enter the Palace of Catalan music with drinks or food.
  • There are no luggage storages or walk-in closets in the building.

The Palace of Catalan music ticket prices vary depending on the category of the buyer:

  • An individual adult ticket is € 18.
  • If one buys a ticket for a tour in advance (21 days before the date of the visit), its price will be lower, at € 14.40.
  • Residents of Catalonia can buy a ticket for € 10 (only in the ticket office). Children up to and including 10 years of age who are accompanied by a family member can visit the Palace of Catalan music for free.
  • Students, retired persons, and those who are unemployed pay 11 €.
  • Also, one can take advantage of the family discount package for the members of one family (including parents and children) from 4 to 6 people. It is necessary to present a Libro de Familia and ID as proof when purchasing these tickets at the ticket office. For this deal, the price is 50 €.

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