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Plastic Surgery in Barcelona

пластическая хирургия в испании

Half a century ago, hyaluronic acid, restylane, glytone, and neck lifting were not common terms. In the mid-20th century, plastic surgery was conceived as a way at least to disguise slightly the heavy injuries inflicted at war, and not as a magic remedy to preserve youth. Now it seems that some of the worst upheavals of the 20th century have become a powerful engine for the beauty industry. Today, girls and women who want to enlarge their breasts or remove wrinkles are not the only ones to take advantage of plastic surgeons’ services – men also use plastic surgery to combat aging and preserve a youthful look.

The advantages of plastic surgery in Barcelona

The reason the plastic surgeons of Spain and, in particular, of Barcelona, are ranked most prestigiously in this field and have acquired world-wide fame is clear: one of the first successful plastic surgeries was performed in Spain (as well as in Brazil). The huge success of these plastic experiments in the short term helped Barcelona plastic surgeons to develop its quality network of plastic surgery clinics, found private schools for plastic surgeons, obtain numerous awards, and attract thousands of patients. The first successful full facial transplantation occurred in the city clinic Vall d’Herbrón in 2010 (world-wide, the first performed successfully), under the guidance of Joan Pere Barret, a renowned doctor who has built his career as a plastic surgeon in Barcelona. For many, this example demonstrates the high degree of professionalism among the plastic surgeons of Barcelona.

The main advantage of plastic surgery in Barcelona is not only its part in the creation and application of innovative medical technologies, but also the innovative adaptation of already existing services to the new requirements and trends in this field. Clients are also attracted by the rather affordable prices for plastic surgery in Barcelona and by the status of the city as a tourist destination.

пластическая хирургия в Барселоне

Concerning the prices for the main types of plastic surgery in Barcelona, one can highlight the curious combination of affordable prices (on average, 30% cheaper than in other European countries) and the very high quality. Very often, one is unable to find the prices of the plastic surgery clinics in Barcelona online. Instead, it is possible to receive information about the exact cost by sending a request or attending the first, free consultation offered by some clinics. The highest prices are for breast augmentation (especially if the procedure is performed with new technology, using the client’s fat tissue from other parts of the body) and rhinoplasty. While the first type of plastic surgery will cost around 3-5 thousand euros, rhinoplasty costs about 4 thousand euros on average. On the other side, blepharoplasty (the plastic surgery of eyelids, one of the most popular services) costs about 1 thousand to 1500 euros. The prices in the realm of esthetic medicine are as follows: Botox injections (one session) – about 1 thousand euros, and fillers costing up to 3 thousand euros.

Clearly, lips overfilled with silicone, huge breasts, and unnaturally tense facial skin are out of fashion and have become trends of the past. The new trend elaborated by the plastic surgeons of Barcelona is a more natural look that can be achieved with the help of micro-invasive technologies. SMAS and MAX operations are now relics also. Nowadays, practically in every plastic surgery clinic of Barcelona one can do thread lifting, the main advantage of which is a minimal number of stiches and a great result. In addition, the doctors in Barcelona have a very serious approach towards pre-surgical therapy aimed at analyzing the individual particularities of every patient. For this reason, Dr. Javier Herrero (Teknon medical center) introduced technology that enables surgeons to model a plastic surgery in 3D before beginning the surgery.

What should one know when choosing plastic surgery in Barcelona?

When considering specialists in the field of plastic surgery in Barcelona, one should look for three key factors that guarantee the clinic’s wide acknowledgement and popularity:

  • Strict medical criteria for the doctors. Apart from the fact that the duration of study itself takes about 10 years, there are plenty of strict regulations for internship and employment, such as mandatory publications, numerous proofs of successful practice of performing different types of surgeries, participation in international congresses, and membership in plastic surgeries associations. It is extremely important to pay attention to the following abbreviations in doctors’ CVs: ISAPS – International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; ABPS – American Board of Plastic Surgery; AECEP – Spanish Association of Plastic and Esthetic Surgery.
  • Doctors’ comprehensive training. One cannot categorize the plastic surgeons in Barcelona as doctors of narrow specializations, since all of them are the experts in each aspect of their activity. In Barcelona, as well as throughout Spain, plastic surgery is perceived as an indispensable part of medical practice, and it is not considered something ‘trendy.’ Very often, one finds that the plastic surgery centers in prestigious city clinics are included in the clinic’s departments. Vall d’Hebrón clinic and Teknon multi-field medical center are among the most popular options for patients.
  • Every year, the International Congress of Plastic Surgery is organized in Barcelona with the participation of the best surgeons in the city, country, and the world.

Below, one can find the list of the most famous plastic surgeons of Barcelona:

Dr. Ramon Vila-Rovira

Dr. Antonio Tapia

Dr. Joan Pere Barret

Dr. Javier de Benito

Dr. Javier Herrero

  • Javier de Benito is a plastic surgeon included in the top-10 list in the field of plastic surgery, with medical experience of over 30 years. He works in the Institute of Dr. Javier de Benito, the leading clinic of plastic surgery in Barcelona.
  • Javier Herrero is a plastic surgeon with a superb international reputation. He is considered the best specialist in breast augmentation in Barcelona, and he is at Teknon, a multi-field medical center.
  • Antonio Tapia is among the best plastic surgeons in the world, with the longest experience in this field; he is Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Barcelona. He is a specialist at Teknon multi-field medical center.
  • Ramon Vila-Rovira is a famous plastic surgeon considered to be the best in the field of rhinoplasty in Barcelona. He is a specialist at Teknon multi-field medical center.
  • Joan Pere Barret is a specialist in reconstructive and plastic surgery in Barcelona. He is a specialist at Vall d’Hebrón clinic.

The specialists at INEEDSpain service center are always ready to consult with you on any issue related to choosing a plastic surgeon or a plastic surgery clinic in Barcelona.


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