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Sea cruises from Barcelona

cruise barcelona

When on vacation in Europe, it is entirely feasible that you might enjoy the sites and travel to such an extent that you experience an unstoppable desire to continue discovering new places rather than focus on one destination. When in Barcelona, the unique option to travel by sea makes it easy to continue your adventure after spending several days in Barcelona on the way to another European city. You can plan this kind of trip easily beforehand so that after spending a couple of days in Barcelona and visiting its main landmarks, you will be prepared to set forth and enjoy your search for new, exciting experiences.

Better than the hotel

Barcelona is not just a seaport city – it is a destination where cruise liners from all over the Mediterranean region make their stops. Here, the routes of many voyages, ranging from luxury, long-term cruises around the Atlantic to short voyages to Italy or along the French coast, start and come to their end. There is a huge list of cruises from which to choose. For example, you can select a short, 3-day cruise by Norwegian Cruise Line on board a comfortable liner featuring numerous restaurants, casinos, spas, golf courses, and extremely spacious cabins, or you can choose a cruise with no program at all! Another option is to travel by such a cruise liner for two weeks or a longer period. MSC Cruises offers its clients very competitive prices on short cruises. However, even though the prices are low, the cabins on board are as good as the suites in the best hotels. Moreover, sometimes MSC has special offers in which children do not need any tickets at all. Thus, you can embark on your dream journey with the whole family – and you will only pay for the adults.

With the Italian company, Costa Cruises, this peculiar feature is a common practice: kids always travel free of charge. Moreover, when travelling with Costa Cruises, you always have the chance to take cooking master classes offered by the Italian chiefs on board. Regardless of the liner you choose, you are sure to stay in comfortable cabins with private balconies and many types of entertainment to suit a variety of tastes. The only task you will have to undertake is deciding what is most appealing to you in the moment: loud night parties, entertainment shows, sport events, or educational programs.

The liners stop in large cities where you can take excursions from the arrival port, sample the local cuisine, and experience the atmosphere of an ancient city or modern streets. As a rule, a cruise ticket includes all-inclusive meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and a bottle of water in the cabin. It is not mandatory to follow the hotel schedule for breakfasts, dinners, and suppers. For this reason, some cruises deliberately do not bother their guests with such small details, so that guests may take advantage of the services provided by the bars and restaurants at any time of day that suits them.

The most popular destinations

Mediterranean Sea cruise from Barcelona

  • A Mediterranean Sea cruise from Barcelona is among the most popular journeys. For example, MSC company offers the route, “Barcelona - Marcelle – Messina – Tunis – Barcelona.” Also, there are cruises that enter the ports of Athens, Istanbul, and even the Turkish Izmir. On the other hand, you can choose a cruise that only visits the French coast, such as the “Nice – Cannes – Toulon” option. Additionally, you can pay a visit to several major Italian cities with the following itinerary: “Genoa – Livorno – Pisa – Florence.”
  • The cruise from Barcelona to Venice also encompasses several major cities: stopping first in Provence, it passes through Rome, Naples, Greek Mykonos, Piraeus, Kotor, Dubrovnik, and ends in the majestic port of Venice. This route costs 669 euros. The cruises to Palma de Mallorca and the Balearic Islands tend to be rather short, with a duration of no more than 7 days (for 499 euros). Cruises that make a stop in Morocco cost around 549 euros. If you would like to visit European cities only, the prices start at 229 euros; short trips of 2-3 days to Nice or Corsica cost as little as 129 euros. Cruises to the Canary Islands are extremely popular options – these heavenly destinations with volcanic beaches, palm trees, and ever-lasting summer attract tourists with their tranquility and turquoise ocean splashes. You can travel directly to Gran Canaria or Tenerife, or join a 10-15 day-long cruise, in which the Canary Islands are the intermediate or final point.
  • Another popular itinerary is a cruise from Barcelona to Rome. The selection of cruises from Barcelona to Greece is very wide as well. One of the routes starts from Malta and then passes through the islands of Corfu, Olympia, and Crete. You might consider the more serious variant of the 15-day cruise that heads to Algeria. On the way to this country, you will be able to visit Marcelle, Monte Carlo, Split, Ravenna, Corfu, Delphi, and Athens. Any option you choose—from a mini-cruise to Genoa or Nice to a long voyage to the African coast—is sure to be a unique experience. Modern liners and touristic services will ensure that you feel at home on board and have an unforgettable experience.

INEEDSpain company is always prepared to organize a voyage of any type for you, depending on your preferences, travel schedule, and budget. We will help you select the best variant of sea cruise to make your dream-voyage a reality.

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