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Supermarkets in Barcelona

supermarkets in Barcelona

The prices at the supermarkets in Barcelona vary according to the supermarket network but generally are much lower than the prices in other European Union countries. Additionally, there is always an enormous range of products from which to choose.

Yang Kuang

Yang Kuang, one of the best Asian supermarkets in Barcelona, is located on Passeig de Sant Joan. Fans of Asian cuisine and members of the local Chinese community are known to shop at this market. Here, customers can find over 20 types of spicy sauces, all kinds of rice, Asian exotic drinks, shiitake mushrooms, fresh Asian vegetables and fruits, wines from Japan and China, and, of course, sake. If you are looking for udon noodles, ingredients for sushi, tofu, or Asian Xiao Long Bao puff-pastries, this supermarket is your ideal shop. In addition, Yang Kuang boasts a great variety of fresh greens and exotic berries, and the prices are rather low. The fresh chickens cost only 1.99 euros per kilogram. A feature that makes this shop stand out among supermarkets is the way flesh is sold here: ducks are separated from their bones already, and the products for sushi are both chopped and cleaned.


Mercadona barcelona

The story of this huge Spanish supermarket network began with the opening of an ordinary butcher’s shop in Valencia in 1977. Nowadays, Mercadona is one of the most popular supermarkets in Barcelona as well as in other provinces, with 1,621 shops in 46 regions operating under its brand name. The assortment of products at Mercadona includes everything from herbs to perfumes. Thus, here you can find sections offering ready-made and fast food, freshly-baked pizza, gluten-free products, and pet foods. The prices at each of the supermarkets in the chain are kept consistent. With its reputation as a supermarket with affordable prices, there are not many products of luxury or premium quality. For the comfort of the customers, Mercadona has introduced a credit card that enables customers to pay for their purchases more conveniently. Since 2001, online shopping and delivery have been available as well.


Condis barcelona

This is the most famous chain of supermarkets in Barcelona, with shops in nearly every corner of the city. The prices at this supermarket are slightly lower than average, but the assortment is different in every location. One of the best shops in this chain is located in Born, and a shop that features fresh sea products is found in Sant Antoni. It is worth noting that the smaller branches scattered around the city do not have as large a variety of products; in these locations, there are no live fish or fresh berries. However, if you go shopping at any Condis supermarket in Barcelona, you are sure to find most of the items you need. Freshly baked bread, dairy and meat products, Spanish wines, vegetables, and fresh herbs all can be found in every Condis shop you encounter when walking in Barcelona. Moreover, Condis is a leader in special offers and seasonal discounts.


Obbio barcelona

Obbio is the largest organic supermarket in Barcelona. Here, you can find fruits, a bakery, a cafeteria, a supermarket, a wine shop, and a section with special literature on healthy and eco-friendly alimentation. This place has everything that fans of a healthy lifestyle might need: veggie smoothies, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, meat, and products for diabetics and lactose-intolerant customers. The supermarket cafeteria offers its clients a weekly menu with a great variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Moreover, if you need help choosing a product, the supermarket consultants will be more than happy to assist you. Additionally, if a client is a loyalty card holder, he or she is eligible for consultations via the special service, nutricionista@obbiofood.com.


Biospace barcelona

Biospace is another organic supermarket in Barcelona that boasts over 8,000 product items. Apart from farmed meat and vegetables grown sustainably, here customers can find a vast assortment of organic cosmetics and beauty products made from natural ingredients and a wide range of fresh medical plants. As a rule, the prices in organic supermarkets are slightly higher than in the ordinary markets and shops, since many products are made outside of Spain and are free from genetic modification and chemical saturation. In any case, you can be sure that the label “bio” is a 100%-guarantee that a product is clean, or free from chemical additives and harmful elements. Biospace also offers online shopping and home delivery to its clients.

Um Sabors D’Asia

Um Sabors D’Asia

This is a famous site located in the Gracia district, where customers come in search of the ingredients for Pan-Asian cuisine that cannot be found easily in other shops in the city. This shop also organizes master-classes in Indian, Thai, and Japanese traditional cuisines for only 20€ per class. The market itself is not very large, although its assortment is quite impressive. Here, you can find a variety of salsas, sauces, herbs, gingers, and algae. The prices at this supermarket are affordable; all the packaged products cost between 1 and 5 euros. Coconut milk in glass bottles and Japanese almond flan are especially in demand among shoppers. The only possible obstacle for foreigners is that the shop’s website is in Catalan only. As of now, English and Spanish versions of the website are not available.


OpenCor barcelona

In Catalonia, it can be difficult to buy food and other products on Sundays. However, it is possible to solve this problem quite easily, if you know which supermarkets are open on Sunday. OpenCor is open 18 hours a day, 365 days a year, even on national holidays, New Year vacations, Saturdays, and Sundays. Here, shoppers can find everything from food products to dishware, souvenirs, books, magazines, gadgets, and electronic accessories. Additionally, if you are searching for a bouquet of fresh flowers before an important event, you can also purchase it here. The supermarkets in this chain are located in Gracia, Eixample, Born, Sarria, Sants, Sant Antoni, and Sant Andreu. It should be mentioned that the prices at this chain are slightly higher than at standard supermarkets.


Suma is another Barcelona supermarket open on Sunday. This shop not only operates during holidays and on weekdays, but also consistently offers special deals and discount programs on certain types of products. In this supermarket, shoppers can find everything from food products to perfume and medication. Also, the shop promotes the world-famous line of Gourmet products, which is one of the best premium brands for pre-made dishes. Even so, the prices at Suma are affordable. Fresh vegetables cost from 1.15 to 1.60 euros per kilogram. On its official website, the shop posts recipes for Catalonian dishes that can be prepared with the ingredients sold at Suma. Among the numerous recipes available, customers can find detailed recipes for paella with seafood, crema catalana dessert, and even a description of the tails of a monkfish a la marinera.

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