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How to save on public transport in Barcelona: the T10 single ticket

The T10 Barcelona card

The T10 Barcelona card is an ideal option for those who want to save on transportation expenses and make the most of the city landmarks in a limited number of days. This option enables users to save up to 50% on the cost of public transportation.

The T10 Barcelona ticket is a type of pass that allows its holder to take 10 rides on any means of transport integrated into the city transportation system. Thus, the card applies to the metro, buses, suburban trains (Rodalies de Catalunya, or FGC), trams, and some types of funiculars. With this pass, you pay for 10 integrated rides in a specific urban zone. The city space is split into 6 transport zones, with a different tariff set for each of these. The farther the zone lies from the city center, the more expensive the ticket for that zone is. However, for tourists this tariff is not a problem, as almost the whole city is located within Zone 1.

Things should one know about the T10 Barcelona card

  • Every Т10 pass has a magnetic stripe. For this reason, every time you take a ride or change one transportation type for another, it is crucial to validate the card. When validating a ticket, you will notice that the reverse side of the ticket reflects the data about the time and date of the last trip taken;
  • The time limit for transferring from one type of transportation or station to another without being charged for a second trip with the T10 card in Barcelona depends on the zone. Within the limits of Zone 1, the maximum time is 75 minutes; with every subsequent zone, the time increases by 15 minutes. You can realize a maximum of three connections per day in this way without incurring an extra charge. In the metro system, the ticket is valid for 2 hours after the first ticket validation; on the bus it is valid until the end of the route;
  • Two or more people may share a T10 Barcelona ticket, and this use is allowed by law. There is no delay period between ticket validations for the T10 with multiple users. Hence, you can swipe the card several times in a row. However, in case you are sharing the ticket with another person, remember that there are ticket inspectors on some of the public transportation in Barcelona. For this reason, the person who must continue the trip longer should hold the ticket.
  • Remember that the T10 Barcelona ticket is not valid for rides on the L9 city metro line (that travels to El Prat airport), even though it is also located in Zone 1. However, the T10 ticket is valid on the R2 Nord train and on some buses that circulate between the airport and the city center.

T10 Barcelona card: the price and where to purchase

The T10 Barcelona price

The T10 Barcelona price directly depends on the zone for which it is purchased. The fees as of January 2018 are as follows:

Zone #


Zone 1


Zone 2


Zone 3


Zone 4


Zone 5


Zone 6


The T10 for Zone 1 is the most appropriate option for tourists since this ticket covers the whole city center.

You can buy a T10 Barcelona ticket both by credit card and with cash. The most convenient way to purchase such a ticket is to buy it in one of the terminals found in every metro station, just before the turnstiles. The ticket vendors are machines that allow you to choose the interface language: Catalan and Spanish are set as default languages; English, German, and French are available as well. After choosing your language, you should click on the icon that says, “Т10.” On the next screen, you can indicate the number of the zone to which the ticket will apply as well as the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase. Based on these parameters, the total amount due pops up on the screen below. The only thing left to do at that point is to pay (by cash or by card) and pick up the printed tickets from the receiver.

Tourists tend to ask where else they can buy T10 Barcelona tickets, in addition to the terminals in the metro stations. You also can purchase tickets in the train stations as well as in the neighborhood kiosks that sell cigarettes, newspapers, and lottery tickets.

The specialists of “INEEDSpain” service center are always ready to offer you a consultation, assist you in navigating the transportation system in Barcelona, and advise you on the most budget-friendly transportation options around the city.


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