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About company

“INEEDSpain” is a service center for life and business in Barcelona. In its more than 20 years of existence, the enterprise that began as a small real estate company has become a giant media holding and service center providing a vast range of services for foreigners in Catalonia and another regionsof Spain. The main office of “INEEDSpain” is located in Barcelona, but company representatives also work in Madrid and Valencia, thereby providing accessible services to a great variety of clients.

The maximally efficient quality of our services is possible due to the following factors:
● Call center and competent company operators;
● Experienced profile specialists;
● Multi-faceted, detailed information presented on our website;
● Convenient personal inbox that becomes available to clients upon registration;
● Our own news service;
● Informative and regularly updated e-mail newsletters.

As you can see from, this service center structure allows our clients easily and quickly to become familiar with the lifestyle in Barcelona as well as to solve any issues related to living and developing a business in Spain.

You can contact us on the following issues:

● Tourism
● Studying
● Visas and residence permits
● Medicine
● Law and attorneys
● Real estate
● Translations
● Advertisement
● Concierges
● Business and taxes

Why do we have permanent clients?

1. With 20 years of hard work, we have obtained valuable experience and a profound knowledge that has enabled us to navigate easily in the world of Spanish reality and solve all our clients’ problems in a highly efficient way.
2. Since the beginning of our company, 9100 clients have taken advantage of our services. Even today, we continue to receive words of gratitude and positive feedback from our clients!
3. 150 partner companies from Spain and other countries collaborate with “INEEDSpain” so that we can provide you with our services at the best value. Specialists from various fields — such as attorneys, insurance agents, medical workers, administrative representatives, and education authorities — help us find the solutions to the most challenging questions.
4. 55 workers and representatives from different walks of life work for our company. We highly appreciate the work of each one.
5. On average, it would have taken 2-3 times longer to solve 80% of our clients’ tasks if not for the assistance of our specialists. Our own news service and constant collaboration with our partners help us to stay informed about the latest events and choose the best ways to solve problems.
6. On average, each worker of our company dedicates 90 hours per month to education purposes. We persistently work at improving our professional level and increasing our knowledge. As a result, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive and detailed consultations possible.

Only three steps separate you from the solution to your problem:

1. Send a request in a way that works best for you. You can use the website’s service section, call us, write us an e-mail, or write a message in the chat box.
2. You will receive a complete consultation on the terms, cost, and ways to answer your question or solve your problem. Then we prepare a contract and calculate the cost of the service.
3. Your personal manager (or several specialists) work on your issue and within a specified time (from 1 day to 2 months, depending on the complexity of the case), you receive the expected result and all document reports on the work conducted.

Register for a personal inbox and get 24/7 access to all services and a convenient data base!

Get registered on the website.


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