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Amazon has opened a support center in Barcelona for small and medium businesses

amazon center barcelona

The main objective of the Amazon service center is to simplify the export of goods. Small- and medium-sized businesses in southern Europe will receive the center’s assistance on the use of new Amazon tools that, in turn, will enable the companies to sell their products all over the globe by means of their own websites.

According to the data provided by Amazon, in 2017 those Spanish companies selling via the Amazon Marketplace managed to make over 250 million euros in the E. U. export revenues.

The new office is expected to hire 200 workers, and in several years, Amazon estimates hiring up to 500 employees. Moreover, the Amazon research and development center will appear in the building located in the industrial district of 22@. The 100 computer scientists who work there will apply the method of artificial intelligence known as machine learning. In general, in the coming years, Amazon plans to create over 2000 jobs affiliated with its offices in Spain.


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