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The number of Catalan emigrants has grown by 7.4%

emigration in Catalonia

As can be seen from the report of the National Institute of Statistics dedicated to Spanish citizens who are residence permit holders outside of Spain, as of January 1, 2017, 103,713 citizens born in Catalonia live abroad, representing an increase of 7,148 persons in comparison to the year before (7.4%). In comparison with year 2010, the numbers of emigrants have increased by 58.5%.

Other European nations are the most popular destinations for Catalans who have emigrated in recent years. Nowadays, 63,616 persons are registered as residents of other European countries (61.3% of those living outside Catalonia). The United States of America and Latin America countries are the second most popular locations, with over 33,561 persons living as residents, constituting 32.3% of the number of Catalans living abroad. The remaining part of the emigrants is distributed among Asian (3,466 persons), Oceanian (1,694 persons), and African (1,376 persons) nations.

Germany is the most attractive country for emigration, with 9,883 Catalans living in this country now, representing an increase of 1,276 persons compared to year 2016.

Regarding gender and age characteristics of emigrants, slightly over half (50.4%) are women, 19.9% are children younger than 16 years, and 21.6% constitute are over 65 years. The remaining 58.4% of the general emigrant number represent an economically active population.


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