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The territory surrounding this XII-century monastery will become a protected park

монастырь Сан Мигель дель Фай

Sant Miquel del Fai monastery is a cultural monument that the majority of Catalonians know very well. Children and adults alike often visit this site on guided tours. Moreover, the grounds of the monastery offer a popular site for wedding celebrations and other festivities. The picturesque location, with its immense historical, architectural, and natural value, will cease to be a private property in the near future. In June 2017, the government of Barcelona plans to purchase the space from its current owner, Espai Natural Sant Miquel del Fai SL company, for 1,315,000 euros and convert it into a protected park.

Thereafter, the government plans to establish electricity, illumination, and signs on-site and ensure the preservation of this cultural landmark after its transfer to public use. The entrance to the grounds will be free. During the construction work, access to the monastery itself will be limited, and it will be re-opened to the general public in summer 2018.

The most unique element of the monastery complex is its largest church, which dates to the XII century and was built partly underground. The Romanesque church of the X century and Casa de Priorat, constructed in the Gothic style in the XV century, are also worthy of attention. On the grounds of Sant Miquel del Fai one can admire impressive waterfalls, bodies of water, and caves of a natural origin that are scattered throughout this majestic natural space, with a total acreage of 70.5 hectares (about 174 acres).


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