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Plan for the reconstruction of fifty XVIII-century-old passages in Ciutat Vella

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The plans for the entire project began with the restoration of five passages in the area of Santa Maria del Mar and another seven in El Born district. Now, the city plans to recuperate other, similar structures in the city.

The project appears to have its complications, however, for over the years, these passages and alleyways have acquired a reputation as the darkest, dirtiest, and, at times, even the most dangerous corners of Barcelona. A vivid example of such an area is the lane that connects the streets of Malnom and Picalquers in the Raval district. Here, vintage shops co-exist with bars that have a dubious reputation. Another example is the passage near Resolís bar that lies close to Malnom, a favorite place of Barcelona’s hipsters and graffiti artists, located between Riera Baixa and Picalquers. Other locations include the passage to Les Cabres next to the Boqueria market, the Arc del Teatre that has transformed into a debris collection site, and many others areas.

The city authorities maintain that the restoration of such zones will likely improve the quality of city life overall. With this as the primary purpose, it is possible that the errors of the areas’ previous restoration efforts could be corrected, as a great number of places were renovated without taking into account their history. The government has allocated 30,000 euros for the restoration of every passage. The construction is expected to conclude by the end of this year.


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