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Barcelona will provide housing for rent at prices of 200-800 euros

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The housing is intended to meet the needs of the portion of the population incapable of affording the rising market costs of rent in the city. This housing is intended foremost for families with low levels of income that are nevertheless unable to present sufficient grounds to qualify for other forms of social aid.

The new organization is expected to start work in the middle of the coming year. The organizational structure will consist of 50% state capital and 50% private, entrepreneurial capital. The objective of the project is to close the vast gap that has emerged in the real estate market: the number of rent offers at an affordable price of up to 800 euros recently has dropped to its minimum, while the demand for such housing is growing consistently. Organizations of this type successfully operate in other E.U. countries, with over 27 million people residing in provided social accommodations.

By the end of this year, the city municipality, along with AMB, will have confirmed the creation of Habitatge Metropolis Barcelona, which will begin the realization of the enterprise. Further along, following the results of a competition among potential investors, a private investor will be selected. The range of activities of the as yet unnamed society will be outlined in a housing plan developed by the authorities of Barcelona and adopted in January of 2017. The plan presupposes the construction of over 8900 units of housing by the year 2025.


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