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The first stage in development of the European plan to combat poverty and social inequality comes to its end in Barcelona

ликвидация социального неравенства в барселоне

The final goal of this program is to define the means by which to ensure that every resident of the city is able to achieve at least the minimum income determined as necessary for a decent life.

Within the framework of this project, over the course of the next two years the municipality of Barcelona will provide material assistance to thousands of families in the Besós district. The families chosen to participate in this project were selected based on the results of research into the financial situation of all families registered with social services, including those registered with Servicio de Inclusión Social, Fondo 0-16, and the participants of the Labora program. In order to be entitled to this material assistance from the mayor’s office, a family must have resided for at least 2 years in Barcelona and must have one or more family members in the age range of 25 - 60 years. As a rule, this age category does not receive any special aid from any other source. Therefore, this is the first initiative of such a type in Barcelona.

The B-MINCOME program has obtained additional investments in the amount of 13 million euros for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019. One third of this sum, or 4.85 million euros, was contributed by special E.U. funds within the framework of the Urban Innovative Action program, which elaborates 400 various social support projects. Barcelona has become one of its 15 participating cities. The project will be realized in collaboration with the city municipalities, Barcelona Activa, and Plan de Barrios.


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