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Among the projects under construction in Barcelona, 75% are housing structures

construction in barcelona

Anna Esteban, CBRE office manager in Barcelona, adds, “Today, the activity is increasing, and most companies in this sector are coming back to life.” Additionally, 107 out of 141 structures are new constructions, while 34 buildings are in the process of reconstruction. The majority of these buildings are located in the Eixample district (22), followed by Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (20), Horta-Guinardó (14), and Gràcia (14). These days, the greatest number of construction projects are in process in Sarrià, while Ciutat Vella and Eixample are the districts with the most active reconstruction works. In addition, the buildings next to Passeig de Gràcia and Plaza de Catalunya are undergoing reconstruction in order to convert the buildings into luxury apartments like those of Casa Burés.

The widespread price increase in Barcelona apartments also has provoked other changes in structure: the living areas of new constructions have become significantly smaller. As Alexandra Delfin, the CBRE residencies department manager, maintains, three-bedroom apartments are in the highest demand among buyers, while investors usually prefer two-bedroom apartments. At the same time, one-bedroom apartments are not as popular among clients as in the past. New buildings feature more elements that cater to residents’ desires, whether the building is residential or an office space; among frequent benefits in modern apartments are fitness centers, spa-salons, and the availability of public areas.


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