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Medieval architectural monument, Saló del Tinell, to be reconstructed in the beginning of 2018

salo del tinell

As the Institute of Culture of Barcelona (ICUB) informs us, the work will be concentrated first on the gothic arches that require inspection for cracks and peeling, especially “in the areas of contact with wooden elements.” In addition to these priorities, the reconstruction process includes inspections to determine the integrity of the stone components of the arches.

Specialists claim that the process is not a question of emergency intervention, although “it is better to hurry in order to prevent more serious damages in the future.” The first signs of serious dilapidation in Saló del Tinell were detected back in 2015, when mortar fragments began to fall off in the interior of the hall.

Masala Consultors, the company in charge of the technical execution of the project, underscores for us that when discussing their plans, they “refer to reconstruction work on the already existing surfaces. Under no circumstances will we interfere with the original structure of the arches.”


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