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Dogs’ companions in Barcelona will “rinse” after their pets

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This campaign was launched at the beginning of August of 2017. So far, 2947 registered dog owners have received notifications from the mayor’s office encouraging them to rinse the places where their pets have left excrement. In this way, via joint efforts by residents and city officials, the city aims to remain cleaner for longer periods of time. Throughout the month of August, anyone may access the plastic bags with screw caps that are filled with water and are located in the urban centers of Sant Andreu, including Bon Pastor, Baró de Viver, Navas, La Sagrera, Trinitat Vella, Congrès-Indians, and Can Portabella.

The authorities of Barcelona emphasize that the present campaign has been organized according to the new requirements for the protection, housing, and sale of animals. In the case that an owner does not clean up after his or her companion, this behavior is considered a misdemeanor and an infliction of harm to the environment and is punishable by a fine of up to 750 euros.


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