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Twenty-second Starbucks coffeehouse to replace an old confectionary

starbucks in barcelona

According to the periodical, Time Out, the building owner signed a lease contract with Starbucks. Even though the building façade of the former confectionary represents a perfect example of modernist architecture, this particular location is not included on the official list of the city’s iconic landmarks. For this reason, when negotiating the contract with Starbucks España, the building’s owner was entirely free to decide whether to preserve the memory of the previous establishment on this site or to alter it. In any case, the recognizable sign and Starbucks emblem already are visible at the entrance to the future coffeehouse.

It is very likely that the coffeehouse interior, which can be seen clearly from outside the building, will be refurbished as well. Marble tables with metal legs, wooden and stained glass decorative elements, and tiled floors are among the numerous touches Starbucks plans to introduce.

Xador confectionary, which was featured in the major guides to Barcelona from around the world, was one of the most popular establishments of its type in Ciutat Vella, especially among tourists. Its closure is just one among numerous closings, continuing a general tendency that has been notable in the Catalonian capital in recent years.


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