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Restoration of legendary sculpture by Joan Miro begins in Eixample

Dona i Ocell

The Department of Urban Architecture and Heritage of Barcelona made the decision to renovate after conducting a thorough analysis of the statue’s overall condition. The reinforced concrete masterpiece created by Miro was inaugurated in 1983 and since has corroded significantly. Moreover, some of the mosaics that initially covered the entire sculpture have been lost as well. According to estimates, the restoration works, for which the city authorities have allocated 34,200 euros, are expected to conclude by the end of September.

Dona i Ocell, the official name of which is, Dona-bolet amb barret de lluna, is considered one of the most important landmarks of park Joan Miro and is always visible due to its gigantic size. The body of the sculpture is made of reinforced concrete and is covered with mosaics in the “trencadís” technique. This gorgeous work was done by the co-author of the monument and Miro’s friend, Catalan ceramicist Joan Gardy Artigas.

The sculpture was the master’s final creation and turned 90 years old just 3 days after the solemn opening ceremony to inaugurate the statue. According to archival data, the expenditures for the creation and mounting of the sculpture amounted to 15 million pesetas.


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