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The largest private yacht in the world moored in Barcelona

El Fulk Al Salamah

Built in the Italian Marriotti shipyards, the yacht was launched in the summer of 2016 and is the property of the Sultan of Oman. Sultan Qaboos bin Said is a real expert in yachts, and this is the second large vessel he has purchased in the last ten years.

As of now, El Fulk Al Salamah is the largest privately-owned yacht in the world. By comparison, the weight of the yacht is approximately the same as that of the Zurbarán circulating between Barcelona and Ibiza. Moreover, its weight parameters are very similar to those of the Martin i Soler, the vessel that sails between the Catalonian capital and the Balearic Isles. The new yacht is really unique, and the mass media do not have detailed photos. Plus, due to the complexity of its design, it is extremely difficult to imagine its interior and exterior. The only visible part is a helipad. In line with Arabic traditions, the swimming pools, solariums, and jacuzzi that are common to standard luxury yachts are hidden inside the boat, far from curious eyes.

The yacht moored at the coast of Barcelona on July 7 and has been undergoing maintenance work since. As a rule, when it comes to maritime masterpieces at this level, the details of the works are not disclosed for security reasons.


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