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Barcelona mayor’s office unhappy with the city port’s expansion

port of barcelona

One of the latest conflicts involving the government of the Catalonian capital broke out just recently in the Administration of Autoritat Portuària de Barcelona during the discussion of a bid for conducting expansion works on Adossat platform. The port authorities requested 39 million euros for this project, and Autoritat Portuària maintains that the initiative is vital for the development of the Barcelona port. However, the government has rejected the project, perceiving the expansion plans as a decision to construct a new, seventh terminal for cruisers. Doubtless, this idea is unwelcome to city authorities because prioritizing cruisers negatively affects tourism and the city’s ecology.

Nevertheless, the mayor’s office drastically changed its tactics shortly afterwards and has shifted away from the abrupt tone of rejection in response to the requests from the port management to reconsider this decision. The case may be that in light of the latest political climate for Ada Colau, it is highly detrimental for the authorities of Barcelona to appear as though they could be impeding the economic growth and development of the port. Janet Sanz, the deputy mayor of city planning, stated that the final decision on this issue should be adopted based on “mutual consent.” Meanwhile, the sources in Autoritat Portuària claim that very soon Barcelona might gain the status of a key port.


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