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Opening restaurants and bars on Osca de Sants square will now be prohibited

osca de sants

The government administration under Ada Colau is planning to ban the opening of new bars and restaurants in the area of Triángulo de Sants-Hostafrancs because these establishments have a negative impact on local trade and have become a nuisance to residents by generating excessive noise.

Triángulo de Sants-Hostafrancsis an old district positioned in the cross section of the streets Creu Coberta, Sants, Paseo de Sant Antoni, andTarragona. The data suggest that this area hosts 18.9 public establishments per every 1000 residents, a proportion that is simply too much, according to the city mayor’s office.

The Head of Sants-Montjuïc district, Laura Perez, presented this new regulation that will prohibit the opening of new catering locations and other cultural and entertainment establishments in the area of Osca de Sants square, Riego street, and other zones of Triángulo. For instance, Creu Coberta street, which is scheduledto become the main trading area, will have a maximum of five restaurants within a fifty-meter radius.The administration plans to implement this initiative beginning this summer.


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